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Why Aroma Sense Is a Great Gift Year Round

Looking for the perfect gift for your significant other, friend, colleague, or relative? Look no further! At Aroma Sense, we provide top-of-the-line luxury shower and bath products that will blow them off their feet. Not only will they feel better after using our products, but they will also see many positive changes in their life. No matter the time of year, anyone and everyone can enjoy Aroma Sense. Continue reading to learn why you should give the gift of Aroma Sense.


The ultimate home spa experience


What if we told you that your dreams of trips to the spa no longer have to be dreams? With the Aroma Sense collection, your shower will be transformed into the ultimate home spa experience. Our premium filtered shower heads include:


  • With each shower head, you have the option to use one of our shower cartridges infused with essential oils for an immersive aromatherapy experience. You’ll be able to smell like the spa and reap the physical and mental benefits of aromatherapy every day.  
  • Vitamin C. Our shower cartridges also contain vitamin C concentrate, which helps to neutralize chlorine and balance the pH in the water coming into contact with your skin. This ultimately helps to reduce inflammation and replenish skin with moisture.
  • Increased water pressure. The triangular spray plate design of our shower heads increases your shower’s water pressure by 1.5x, giving you a light, relaxing massage just like in a real spa.
  • Microfiber filters. To further enhance your shower routine, the microfiber filters included in each shower head work behind the scenes to protect you from rust and other contaminants in your water. Trapping these particles in the filters before they reach your body will ensure that your hair and skin are not stripped of their natural moisture.


Improved quality of life


After a relaxing shower with Aroma Sense, you’ll walk away with more than just a fresh start to your day. You’ll see positive physical and mental changes that will affect most, if not all, aspects of your life.


  • Relieves stress. Aromatherapy showers greatly help with reducing stress and anxiety. Essential oils like lavender are well-known for calming you down even after the toughest of days.
  • Improves symptoms. Essential oils are also highly sought after for their health benefits. While there is still ongoing research on the effectiveness of aromatherapy for certain conditions, it is believed to help with headaches, immunity, pain management, digestion, skin conditions, allergies, and many more.
  • Boosts energy. Instead of getting that extra boost of energy from your morning cup of joe, just hop in the shower for a refreshing and invigorating wash! You’ll feel a huge difference in the way you go about your day.  
  • Promotes better sleep. Finishing your day off with an aromatherapy shower can help you unwind and settle into bed with ease. The relaxing aromas, along with the warm shower, will have you sleeping like a baby!
  • Soothes skin. A shower with Aroma Sense products can also lead to great skin! The aromatherapy, Vitamin C, and filtration system in each shower head work in unison to help replenish skin with moisture and prevent further infection and inflammation.




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