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Best Essential Oils for The Holidays

With the holiday season quickly coming up, many of us are starting to gear up our homes for the coming festivities. Christmas trees, ornaments, and décor are on most people’s list to pull out of the closet. However, one of the best ways to set the mood is by making your home smell like Christmas! Continue reading to see the best essential oils to use to get the cozy winter and holiday vibes at home.


  1. Nothing screams Christmas trees like the scent of pine. Whether you have a real tree or not, you can make your house smell like one with pine oil. This invigorating aroma is known to help stimulate metabolism, reduce stress, treat respiratory problems, and relieve pain. This is a great scent to complement your holiday dinners! If you’re looking to get into the holiday spirit first thing in the morning, try the Aroma Sense Vitamin C cartridge infused with pine essential oil!


  1. Citrus Mango. Guess what else we ring in during the holidays? That’s right! Citrus season! It’s also no surprise that citrus scents are popular during this time of year. You can add a bit of sweetness to your home with the Aroma Sense Vitamin C cartridge with citrus mango! The citrus and mango combo will not only help to reinvigorate you during your morning (or evening) showers, but it can also help in alleviating digestive conditions and in moisturizing the skin.


  1. While lavender is known for being a summer floral, it is still a great all-around scent to have, especially when it’s during a busy season like the holidays. Lavender can help you relax and de-stress before and after a long week celebrating with the family. One of the best and easiest ways to experience lavender is with the Aroma Sense Aromatherapy showerheads, along with the lavender-infused vitamin C cartridge.


  1. Whenever you hear someone say that something smells like nostalgia, peppermint has got to be one of those scents that brings most of us back in time. This classic scent can be found in many of our favorite childhood treats, including cookies and candy canes. Use peppermint oil to not only relive your childhood memories but to also boost your energy and promote relaxation!


  1. If you want your home to feel extra cozy, cinnamon oil is the way to go! Just like peppermint, cinnamon is one of those scents that remind us of the holiday season while growing up. Most classic holiday treats have cinnamon in them, including eggnog and gingerbread cookies. Not only will it add some spice to your home, but it also can benefit your health in several ways. Cinnamon is known for being anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and is an antioxidant.


Need some extra cheer in your life? Transform your shower routine with the Aroma Sense collection of shower heads with Vitamin C cartridges infused with pine, citrus mango, and lavender! Our products will turn your bathroom into the ultimate home spa with aromatherapy and a relaxing atmosphere.

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