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I Bought this shower head at a trade show in Vegas and the reps who were selling this were not lying, there is Vitamin C in this! It’s in a filter inside the shower head. I LOVE the lemon scent and the improved water quality. The reps mentioned that new fragrances (Rose, Lavender) will be coming out end of this year/early next year. Can’t wait!


Amazon Customer


We have installed Aroma Sense shower heads in our men and women’s locker rooms in our spa. Our resort guests and members are elated. The gentle aroma and texture of the treated water is very pleasing and the cost is minimal. As Resort Spa operators we are always seeking ways to increase the value and experience for your spa guests; Aroma Sense has made this effortless.

Mike Staples

Catamaran Resort San Diego


I bought 1 to see if I liked it. We bought 2 more, a few week days later. It is a very nicely made product, ( doesn’t look or feel cheap). The product is going to be a big hit! The way your skin feels and the aroma while showering is what really makes this a great product. I can’t wait to see what it’s filtering out of the water and change the cartridge so I can enjoy the other fragrances. Great value and a great product. Enjoy!!


Amazon Customer


The vitamin C cartridge does make a difference because my skin feels more revitalized after each shower. I love the lemon scent and the water pressure is a giant step up from my previous shower head! I’ve installed this in 3 of my bathrooms and my family loved it when they came to visit. Definitely recommend it!

Marianne Customer


We have received great feedback from our customers since we installed the Aroma Sense Shower Heads in our facility. The water pressure is strong and the vitamin c scent is invigorating.

Sparkle Drebert

Rio Spa Las Vegas


Aroma Sense turned taking a shower into a aromatherapy spa treatment. I'll never go back to a normal shower head again. The Vitamin C sent is soothing and revitalizing. My tired body and mind are completely rejuvenated. The pressure is spot on perfect and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I would absolutely recommend this product to a friend and already have it on my list for gifts.

Edyta Dec

Haven Spa NYC



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