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Why Aroma Sense Is Perfect for Athletes

As an athlete, your training doesn’t stop on the field, track, arena, court, or gym. You most likely had to change many aspects of your life outside of your sport to optimize performance. From eating healthy to waking up early, you’ve built systems, routines, and habits that all help you in your training. However, there are times when you need to recover from a workout or competition. Having a bathroom that will help you recharge and complement your training will help you achieve your goals. At Aroma Sense, we’re confident that our collection can transform your bathroom into the ultimate recovery space fit for you.


Our handheld shower heads hit the spot


One of the greatest feelings is stepping into a nice, hot shower after a hard workout. The warmth of the running water helps soothe your muscles and relaxes your mind and body. But what if we told you that this could be ten times better? With the Aroma Sense handheld shower heads it’s possible! They come equipped with the latest technologies that deliver high water pressure at 1.5 times greater than standard shower heads. The portable design will allow you to deliver targeted massages to tight and sore muscles for instant relief.


Keeps you and your bathroom clean


The last thing that any athlete wants is to get sick as it can not only hinder performance but also hold you back. A warm and moist place like the bathroom provides ideal conditions for mold to grow. Prolonged exposure to mold can cause headaches, fatigue, muscle cramping, difficulty breathing, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, and many more serious symptoms. To prevent this from happening, it is highly recommended that you clean your bathroom regularly. While it’s not the most fun place to clean, our shower heads make the process quick and easy! You’ll be able to navigate even the smallest of spaces and wash every nook and cranny thanks to the portability of the handheld shower heads. You’ll never have to worry about missing a spot again. Additionally, the increased water pressure design is useful for relieving muscle tension and removing soap scum and residue. The powerful stream of water can help remove most buildup.


Aromatherapy for improved athletic performance


With each of our shower heads, you’ll also receive the added benefit of aromatherapy, which is the practice of inhaling essential oils to promote well-being! Our shower heads come with a cartridge that contains vitamin C and an essential oil that will immerse you in rich and uplifting aromas. Use one of the following essential oils during your shower for enhanced athletic performance:


  • For many athletes, it can be difficult to rest, especially if they’re passionate about their sport. However, it’s important to take a rest every now and then to help with recovery after hard workouts. Lavender is a great essential oil to relieve stress, relax the day before a big competition or heal any injuries.
  • If you’re feeling especially fatigued after a training session, try lemon oil for a boost of energy to combat the exhaustion. It also helps with increasing concentration, immunity, and detoxifying skin.
  • Besides smelling like the spa, this essential oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which is ideal for healing muscle aches and pains.


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