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Vitamin C Chlorine Removal

It’s a well known fact tap water is full of harmful toxic chemicals, such as Chlorine. While these strong chemicals serve an important purpose of eliminating many water borne illnesses from our water, it’s also harmful for these chemicals to not to be filtered back out. It’s a rather calamitous decision not to filter these toxic chemicals back out of main water systems that could, in return, have many detrimental effects on the health of many. In today’s generation with all of the advanced technology, science data and substantial knowledge, there really isn’t a good reason anyone should ever have to absorb chemicals through their skin or inhale them through their lungs while showering. Out of the numerous chemicals, Chlorine is one of the most prevalent lurking in your water. You can smell it, you can taste it, and lo and behold- when you learn the negative affects it has on your body, you’ll quickly realize you can feel it too. Vitamin C chlorine removal is the most natural, and beneficial way, to remove Chlorine from your tap water.

How Vitamin C Removes Chlorine

Vitamin C is the number one most effective and healthy Chlorine neutralizer. Ascorbic acid and Sodium Ascorbate, both found in Vitamin C, have the ability to neutralize Chlorine very quickly. It takes 2.5 parts Ascorbate acid to neutralize 1 part Chlorine and 2.8 parts Sodium ascorbates to neutralize 1 part Chlorine. Although, unfortunately, Chlorine isn’t filtered back out of the water systems before reaching homes, seasonal water systems often use Vitamin C to remove the Chlorine from their tap water before releasing it back into nature because Chlorine can kill fish and other aquatic life. Aquarium hobbyist also use Vitamin C in their aquarium water to keep their fish healthy and to naturally treat wounds. Scientist even suggest swimmers should spray themselves with Vitamin C after swimming to maintain healthy skin and hair.

Why Use Vitamin C?

Sure there’s few chemicals you could use to rid of Chlorine, but who needs more chemicals? Vitamin C is your best best. This is because Vitamin C is all natural yet still completely neutralizes any Chlorine or Chloramine from your water. Not only is Vitamin C a natural way of keeping Chlorine away from your body and out of your lungs, but Vitamin C is needed by the body to heal wounds, make Collagen and important proteins that makes blood vessels, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and skin. Vitamin C doesn’t only eliminate Chlorine but also works to reverse any negative effects Chlorine has already had on the body such as weak brittle hair or dry itchy skin. Vitamin C naturally hydrates and strengthens hair while deeply moisturizing the skin.

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