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Shower Renovation: 6 Affordable Luxury Spa Shower Accessories

Are you renovating your bathroom? Studies show you’ll spend approximately 1.5 years of your life in it, so you’ll want to really think out your design plans. Since your bathroom is somewhere you go to cleanse, rejuvenate and pamper yourself why not think big and turn your bathroom into a personal luxurious spa sanctuary? If money is what’s ailing your mind, good news, you don’t have to spend a fortune to modernize your shower and make it a more serene and refreshing place to be. The key is finding nice shower accessories that are reasonably priced yet make a big impact on the comfort of your shower. Here are some affordable spa shower accessories you can use to transform your personal bathroom on a budget:

Spa Shower Bench

How nice would it be to be able to sit down in your shower? Everyone loves a refreshing shower, but have you ever opted for a bath simply so you could lay down and relax? Having a spa bench in your shower allows you to enjoy all of the nice benefits of taking a hot shower but also adds more relaxation by giving you a place to sit down and unwind while enjoying the tranquilizing water streams.

Aroma Sense Shower Head

Speaking of tranquilizing streams, the Aroma Sense shower head is another enhancement to your shower that showers you in relaxing pressurized water streams. This shower head restores your health and saves you money on your water bill by conserving water cleverly without sacrificing pressure with its unique and exclusive design. While other filtered shower heads remove a lot of chlorine from your water, the Aroma Sense removes it all plus other contaminants such as metals and other chemicals. Aroma Sense also offers you a one of a kind spa filtration system that provides you with Vitamin C to help restore the damage your tap water has done and give you tons of other health benefits all while bringing you an amazing aromatherapy experience by implementing essential oils into the filter as well.

Handy Caddy and Spa Shelves

Is your shower normally cluttered? Convenient shower caddies and shelves help you get your hygiene products neatly organized and off of the walls of your shower. This adds a lot of convenience to your shower experience and prevents bottles from getting knocked off into the shower causing vexation while you’re showering and trying to relax.

Wireless Bluetooth Water-proof Speakers

Music has a direct impact on many different areas of the brain and has the ability to affect emotions and mood. Enjoy singing along to your favorite songs out loud or relax in your new serene shower with nature noises. Wireless Bluetooth Water-proof Speakers allows you to bring music into the shower with you, enhancing your shower experience.

Shower Towel Holder

Have you ever gotten water or shampoo in your eyes while showering? You can simply grab a towel when you have a convenient shower towel holder. A shower towel holder helps eliminate an unpleasant experience during your shower. Of course, you could simply hang a towel over the shower door but with most modern and affordable shower towel holder designs, your towel won’t get wet.

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