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Smoking Cessation: How Aromatherapy can Help you Quit Smoking

Unfortunately, there’s no miraculous instant cure for nicotine addiction. It’s a habit that’s hard to kick and regardless of what many companies selling smoking cessation products may tell you, quitting smoking requires some serious self control and motivation to accomplish and the true ability to quit is within yourself. Of course there are nicotine patches, teas, nicotine gum, e-cigarettes and pills that state they’ll help you quit and these options are commonly tried because, to a smoker, quitting cold turkey without any help seems almost impossible sometimes. However, what many people are unaware of is there’s actually a very healthy and effective technique available that’s all natural, has absolutely no negative side effects and will greatly help you during your smoking cessation journey making quitting smoking more accomplishable for you. This practice is called aromatherapy and is even more enjoyable and relaxing when incorporated into a shower head, such as an Aroma Sense luxury spa shower head, so you can enjoy a pleasant renewing experience conveniently during your daily shower that will help you get through each day. The aromatic healing essential oils used in aromatherapy also provides you with many more health benefits at the same time.

The first step to quitting smoking is making the intelligent and disciplined decision to quit. The second step is discarding your cigarettes and the third, and longest, step is practicing your willpower and endurance by dodging temptations and getting through the physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. Here are some ways aromatherapy can help ease these temporary withdrawal symptoms and aid you in overcoming nicotine addiction:

Calms Mood

Anger is almost inevitable at one point or another when you quit smoking. It’s a natural withdrawal symptom that could come out of the blue for no reason after you quit smoking. Taking a nice long relaxing shower and breathing in certain healing essential oils, such as Lavender, Jasmine, Chamomile or Lemon, will help to calm your mood and reduce muscle tension putting you into a relaxed peaceful state. These essential oils will help relieve stress and calm your nerves while relieving you of any irritability you may be feeling.

Alleviates Headaches

Unfortunately, like with caffeine withdrawal, when you stop smoking you could experience some pretty unpleasant headaches. The natural essential oils in aromatherapy,however, help increase blood flow throughout your body and improve blood circulation giving you relief from painful headaches.

Weight Loss

When you quit smoking, you’ll probably experience some weight gain. Along with a healthy diet and adequate exercise, aromatherapy can help aid you in weight loss by improving underlying issues that could be causing, or contributing to, your weight gain such as the many emotions stemming from withdrawal.

Lung Restoration

When you first quit smoking you may get a cold or lung infection, such as bronchitis, while your lungs clear out and repair takes place. Aromatherapy can directly help with these symptoms as you breath in healing essential oils. Breathing in aromatic essential oils using aromatherapy can directly improve your lungs and sinuses. These essential oils combined with the steam in your shower effectively open nasal and bronchial pathways helping you to breath better and find relief.

When experiencing any temporary symptoms that come along with recovery and easing them by using aromatherapy, always remember why you’re quitting and know these difficulties are only temporary. Any symptoms you may experience are far outweighed by a long list of long-term negative health effects continuing smoking would bring you such as difficulty breathing, cancer or emphysema. Aromatherapy showers also promote peaceful sleep, helping with any insomnia symptoms your smoking cessation may be causing and regulating your sleep patterns. Don’t be afraid to take more than one aromatherapy shower a day to get you through this chapter in your life, trust me, you’ll probably want to.

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