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Is Harmful Bacteria Lurking in your Shower Head?

Have you ever taken something apart that hasn’t been cleaned in ages and been taken back by disgusting build up? Have you ever noticed how mold and mildew tend to grow in damp places such as around bathroom tiles, sink edging, shower walls, window seals and basements? If you haven’t ever taken your shower head apart, especially an older one, you may be extremely surprised at how disgusting it is inside. If you could see inside your shower head, you would probably never look at your shower experience the same. Your shower head should always be exceptionally clean because this is where your water passes through to clean your body. There’s enough harmful chemicals in tap water as it is and no one wants covered in living bacteria as well.

No one likes to think about these things because it’s a rather unpleasant thought and attempting to take your shower head apart and clean every nook and cranny seems like a very challenging and unsettling task. So what else can you do? Your best bet is to simply change it. Being aware of the disgusting build up, mold, mildew and living bacteria lurking in your shower head just isn’t enough, you have to get rid of it. This bacteria in your shower head and the steam filling up your closed off shower while you’re showering creates the perfect environment for lung diseases to form. The National Academy of Sciences states microscopic bugs, such as Mycobacterium Avium, can also be distributed into the air and water from your old shower head when showing as well. In a study conducted by The National Academy of Sciences, researchers horrifyingly found Mycobacterium Avium in 20% of their samples from various different residence’s shower heads. Mycobacterium Avium can cause a lung infection in both people with weakened immune systems and very healthy people. However, the risk increases for people with weak immune systems, chronic lung diseases, alcoholics and smokers. Symptoms of a lung infection include a cough, fatigue and shortness of breath.

When people become aware of these disturbing risks, they often decide to opt for taking baths or try not to think about it. Your best bet though? Take that nasty bacteria infested shower head off and throw it in the trash. It’s as simple as that because you deserve so much more than health risks and breathing unhealthy air when you get home from a long taxing day at work everyday. Give yourself a deserving, and much needed, upgrade that screams cleanliness, revitalization and a fresh clean waterfall breathing experience with emitted negative ions. Replace your old disease ridden shower head with an affordable luxury shower head, like an Aroma Sense shower head, that won’t only provide you with a clean shower head but also ensures you and your family’s health even further by naturally filtering out all of the toxic chemicals in your tap water like Chlorine while adding even more health benefits with a Vitamin C shower filter. The Aroma Sense spa shower head also gives you a renewing aromatherapy experience right in your own shower by helping to alleviate stress and tension while giving you peaceful mental clarity using emitted aromatic essential healing oils from long lasting cartridges incorporated into in the shower head itself.

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