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Top 5 Luxury Shower Heads in the Market

Is your shower head not working up to par? Perhaps you’re remodeling and trying to choose the right one? Either way, it may be time to start looking into a new improved modernized design that can offer you more benefits and a more pleasant experience. It may be one of the most rewarding decisions you’ve ever made. When looking for a new shower head, it’s important to choose one that includes a water filter. Every year people are becoming more and more aware of the harmful effects the chemicals in their tap water have on their overall health and well being. The toxic chemicals prevalent in your tap water can cause damaging effects to your hair and skin as well as increase your risk of serious diseases. Chlorine and the numerous other chemicals found in your tap can cause an unpleasant burning sensation when getting into your eyes, a drying effect on your skin causing uncomfortable itchy skin and will dry out your hair making it brittle and unhealthy. If you don’t know where to begin looking, here’s the current top 5 luxury shower heads in the market:

Aroma Sense

Aroma Sense is undoubtedly currently the world’s most innovative luxury shower head. Aroma Sense offers both wall mounted and handheld luxury shower heads that use an advanced cloth filter to effectively remove all of the harmful chemicals and microscopic particles from your tap water. Unlike many luxury shower heads, Aroma Sense doesn’t only remove these damaging chemicals but replaces them with Vitamin C to undo the damage done, leaving you feeling pleasantly refreshed and your health renewed. Vitamin C has endless health benefits when it comes to preserving and restoring our health such as moisturizing skin and preventing wrinkles, moisturizing and strengthening hair while promoting growth and offering further protection against common immune deficiencies. It’s nice to get all of these health benefits just by simply taking your daily shower. Many consumers have mentioned in online reviews since using their new Aroma Sense shower head, their skin feels softer and more moisturized and in result, they’ve cut down on costs for skin moisturizer. Aroma Sense shower heads are also well known for their exclusive eco-friendly spray plate design that features over 300 very small triangle holes that creates a nice massaging pressurized feel while cleverly saving you 25% on your water bill. These innovative shower heads come out at the top with their collection of essential oil infused filters for an at home spa aromatherapy experience. Aroma Sense shower heads are easy to install, provide you with a difference you can really feel and are definitely the best bang for your buck when it comes to true luxury shower heads.

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount

Culligan is one of the best selling luxury shower heads due to its affordability. Culligan offers you filtered shower water at a very affordable price. This shower head has a nice high capacity rubber anti-clog spray plate and five different water stream settings with massage. The Culligan filtered shower head is easy to install and comes with a mind-easing five year warranty. This shower head mounts to the wall and is designed to take lithium metal batteries for the filtration system to work. Many online reviews rave about noticing a difference in their hair and the overall quality of their shower water.

Speakman Icon Anystream

The Speakman Icon Anystream has a sharp look to it and is available in variety of different metals such as brass, nickel or chrome so you can choose the design that best matches your personal bathroom design and preferences. This shower head features convenient self cleaning nozzles and six adjustable jets that produce 48 total high pressured streams. This shower head has a limited lifetime warranty. Many online reviews from consumers say this shower head is heavy and well made. Along with raves about its durability, other consumers say the Speakman Icon Anystream filtered shower head creates pressurized streams and has noticeably improved their water quality.

Kohler K-10282-BV Forte Single-Function

Kohler is also a very attractive looking filtered shower head and offered in many different designs such as brass, nickel, chrome and even gold so you can choose what design is best for your bathroom. This popular luxury shower head’s spray plate features 72 clog-resistance spray holes. The Kohler filtered shower head offers wide stream coverage, durability, easy installation and a lifetime limited warranty.


The Aquasana shower head comes in an optional wall mount or handheld style. If you’re only wanting a shower filter and not looking to replace your entire shower head, Aquasana offers an add-on water filter so you can keep your current shower head. The filtered Aquasana shower head is easy to install and features an up-flow clog-prevention design. It creates massaging pressurized streams, comes with a year warranty and the long-lasting filters only need replaced twice a year.

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