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De-stress with Aromatherapy and Breath in Emotional Well-Being

Stress is a major cause of many mental and physical illnesses. Everyone deals with unwanted stress in their lives and everyone has moments when they feel overwhelmed or are going through difficult times that are really hard to get through. There are numerous ways people try to ease their mind during these difficult times in their lives. Some may light a cigarette, pour a glass of wine, indulge in sweets, take a walk or read a book. Unlike these common attempts at relieving stress however, there’s one way that’s healthy and doesn’t require any physical or mental work at all- only soothing relaxation- and that’s aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has been proven to naturally put our bodies and minds into a state of relaxation. This is because scientists have found that by simply smelling certain essential oils, their aromas and specific properties can send signals to your brain telling it to relax. Now, how many times have you wished you could tell your brain that before?

50 million smell receptors inside of your nose are directly connected to your brain’s Limbic System. This system is responsible for emotions, memory and even sexual arousal. That makes smell a very powerful tool to use to our advantage. Having this knowledge, we can utilize the correct essential oils to help relax and renew our mind and body. Knowing this information is especially helpful when struggling with periods of stress and yearning for fast relief. Breathing in essential oils is the fastest and most convenient and healthy way to achieve these comforting soothing results during stressful moments. Certain essential oils, such as lavender and Eucalyptus, can even relieve tension headaches while easing your mind and uplifting your mood. Through the tens of millions of receptors in our nose, we’re able to receive these phenomenal relieving benefits from certain essential oils almost instantaneously.

Some effective ways you can practice Aromatherapy through inhaling essential oils to alleviate stress is with an essential oil diffuser or homemade essential oil air freshener. The best way, however, is taking an aromatherapy shower using an aromatherapy filtered shower head, such as an Aroma Sense filtered shower head, that will actually release these relaxing stress-relieving essential oils into the air while relieving muscle tension with soothing pressurized spa-like water streams giving you an all around rejuvenating shower experience that promotes both mental and physical relaxation and renewing. Relieving your stress and uplifting your mood could be as easy as simply taking your every day shower with the right shower head.

Stress affects everyone and can be intensely distressing and troublesome, but with a little bit of science and nature, you can effectively treat stress naturally with remarkable results.

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