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Shower Head Screens VS. Shower Head Filters

All traditional shower heads have built in screens that remove pieces of sediment that could otherwise clog the shower nozzles and interfere with the shower heads function. While this screen is a crucial part of older shower heads, it’s easy to see why a lot of consumers would get the impression it’s all the filtering their water needs. I mean, our water is clean and the screen even prevents any potential existing foreign particles from reaching our body, right? What many fail to realize is although their tap water is cleansed of parasites and waterborne diseases, it’s cleansed using toxic chemicals that are never filtered back out of your water. These chemicals have many adverse effects on our body and the small fragments of heavy metals your tap water can pick up on the way through the piping systems to your faucet is a serious concern. These built in screens remove relatively large pieces of sediment but still allow everything else to pass through.

Time and research has proved unfortunately we have a lot more to worry about than simply clogged shower head nozzles. The numerous harmful chemicals, such as Chlorine, in our tap water are detrimental to our health. Without a full water purification system, you’re literally bathing in toxic chemicals and your hair, skin, lungs and overall health reap the consequences. Standard shower head screens built into traditional shower heads effectively catch visible foreign particles, but of course, don’t cleanse your water of these toxic chemicals that cause dry itchy skin, damaged hair, throat irritation and have even been proven to link to serious life-threatening diseases such as cancer with long term exposure.

Many have always been leery of the sight, intense odor and taste of their tap water but the true dangers can’t be seen by the human eye. If you wouldn’t want to sit in a confined area breathing in toxic fumes, you shouldn’t be inside your steamy shower breathing and bathing in these toxic chemicals either. In order to ensure you’re safe from the harmful chemicals, small mineral deposits, heavy metals and other unhealthy foreign particles prevalent in your shower water your screen filter doesn’t remove, you’ll need to invest in a more modern shower head with a more advanced cloth filter. Screen filters are only made to ensure the proper function of your shower head, but aren’t out for your health like advanced cloth filters are. Advanced water purifying filters such at vitamin c shower filters were made with your personal well being in mind for the sole purpose of benefiting your health. These advanced filters completely purify your water by removing all harmful chemicals and microscopic particles. When it comes to your health and well being, it’s important to know the difference between standard screens that come built into traditional shower heads to maintain proper function and advanced cloth filters that actually purify your tap water making it safe for you to shower in.

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