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The Equation for an Effective Shower Filter

Whether you’re looking to buy a shower head for a new home or simply thinking of replacing your old one, it’s a decision you’re going to have to live with for a long time to come; so why not make it a good one? Here are some key elements you’ll need to look for when purchasing a new shower head to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

High Quality Filter

When it comes to taking a shower, it’s vital you bathe with a shower head that has a high quality filter because how can you get clean if you’re washing yourself with chemicals and dirt? A good filter will filter out any harmful chemicals and impurities such as Chlorine, heavy metals and build up. A high quality filter will easily turn your hard dirty tap water into clean soft water.

Vitamin C and essential oils are also sometimes added to water filters and will shower you with many added health benefits. Vitamin C replenishes your skin and hair while restoring hydration that harmful chemicals in your unfiltered tap water generally diminish.

Intelligently Designed Spray Plate

A well designed spray plate may be more important than you think. It not only affects the feeling of your shower head’s water streams but since a shower is something you take daily, it plays a large role in your monthly water bill.

A good shower head will feature many small plate holes for more pressurized water streams and a more spa-like experience. Smaller plate holes create more pressurized jet streams with less water usage. Spray plates with fewer and bigger plate holes will more than likely leave you with much weaker water pressure, a duller experience with more water usage.

Durable Material

When choosing a new shower head, you should look for one that’s made from durable material such as stainless steel or ABS. Stainless steel is excellent because it’s both strong and corrosion resistant while ABS is stable, non-leaching and great for its durability and heat resistance. It’s important to choose a shower head made from the right materials that won’t rust or leave you exposed to even more harmful chemicals. Some shower heads are made from poly-carbonate and could emit chemicals. The last thing you want when buying a new shower head is to set yourself up to be exposed to more metals or harmful chemicals than you started with instead of less.

Bacteria Eliminating Technology

While some mediocre shower heads may actually be a breeding ground for bacteria, more advanced shower heads include bacteria eliminating technology such as ceramic balls added into the shower head’s structure. Without a bacteria eliminating addition to your shower head, you risk inhaling harmful bacteria through the steam in your shower. This inhaled bacteria could cause numerous health disadvantages and make for an unpleasant shower experience.

Versatile Fit

If you have a standard shower arm, your best bet is to choose a shower head that fits all standard shower arms. This makes the installation process easier, prevents any vexatious inconveniences of having to replace it later and ensures a perfect leak-proof fit.

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