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Aromatherapy: What Jasmine Has to Offer

As beautiful as a bundle of small delicate snow white Jasmine flowers are, the oil extracted from these elegant fragrant flowers holds something much more pleasing to the senses. Jasmine and Rose oil are known as the most upscale and costly essential oils. Jasmine oil is named the “King of essence” while Rose oil takes the name “Queen of essence”. Jasmine oil has been one of the most exotic and sought after scents in the perfume industry for centuries. Upon the discovery of this valuable oil’s healing properties and desired benefits in China and Northern India centuries ago, it’s been continuously utilized worldwide for numerous different purposes. Jasmine aromatherapy has many benefits and uses that have been discovered over time.

The most prevalent use of Jasmine oil is its sweet seductive floral scent that reminds you of a gentle summer breeze and acts as an aphrodisiac. Jasmine oil has a remarkable calming effect that simply melts away stress and any emotional barriers. This ultimately leads you gently into a relaxed and pleasantly vulnerable state of mind that encourages intimacy. Research has revealed Jasmine boosts beta rhythms in the brain resulting in relieved tension and a pleasant calming effect. The calming and anti-depressant effects of Jasmine oil will work wonders on your romance life as does the exotic seductive floral scent of Jasmine itself, both by increasing your sexual response and giving you the pleasurable feeling of desire.

Jasmine oil is wonderful for skin care. Jasmine oil is great for oily, dry or combination skin as it improves greasy skin and soothes dry irritated skin at the same time. Jasmine oil has been utilized for alleviating symptoms of dermatitis and eczema. Jasmine oil has effectively helped ease symptoms of these conditions, but it’s unsure whether the reasoning is due to Jasmine oil’s reaction on the skin or simply the oil’s phenomenal stress relieving properties and ability to alleviate allergies. Research has shown, however, Jasmine essential oil does help improve skin elasticity which also reduces the appearance of undesirable stretch marks and scars.

For women, Jasmine oil is useful during childbirth. By being applied topically to the back and lower abdomen of the body, this remarkable oil helps with pain during childbirth, reduces the risk of complications, strengthens contractions and speeds up delivery. Jasmine essential oil also boosts your mood, works to balance hormones and eases uncomfortable menstrual pains.

Jasmine oil offers remarkable benefits to respiratory health as well. This extraordinary oil helps improve numerous symptoms of respiratory problems. Jasmine relieves cough, improves chest congestion and infection and is beneficial in improving loss of voice. Jasmine essential oil is also excellent for aiding in treating addictions, boosting confidence, reducing anxiety and improving circulatory system and sleep. The physical and mental benefits this extraordinary essential oil offers are endless.

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