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The Aroma Sense Vitamin C Shower Head

Have you discovered the Aroma Sense vitamin C shower head? Are you conscious of the fact that up to 4 parts per million of your tap water is chlorine? This is the same water we bathe in and is a relatively alarming fact considering pool test kits tell us levels above 3 ppm are unsafe to swim in. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of these disconcerting facts and when revealed to them, it is rather unsettling. Chlorine is used as an effective way to kill bacteria in our tap water, but overwhelming evidence has shown chlorine is linked to a number of health concerns. This includes serious conditions such as heart disease and cancer. The conditions of what you are bathing in contributes to both your happiness emotionally and your health physically. Which leads us to the question, what if we could remove all of these harmful chemicals and replace them with only nourishing beneficial elements? Rest easy; Aroma Sense is already one step ahead.

Aroma Sense has made it possible for you to easily enjoy your shower worry-free by replacing one simple unattachable part in your shower; the shower head. Our Aroma Sense Vitamin C shower heads not only contain Vitamin C to cleans your water of chlorine far before it ever reaches you, but did you know Vitamin C produces collagens that aid in healthier skin and hair as well as improving your metabolism? Along with enjoying the benefits of Vitamin C in your shower, you can delight yourself in the aromatic scent of the natural lemon oils our product infuses at the same time for you to enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy shower. Lemon oil promotes relaxation, relieves stress and enhances your mood.

We could leave it there, but we just had to take it that one step further. We’ve designed our Aroma Sense Vitamin C shower head to provide you with the perfect water pressure. Our shower head features smaller triangular shaped holes to produce thinner, stronger streams of water with a pressure boost of 1.5 more than the traditional shower head. To your advantage, this improvement also cuts down your water costs by conserving water by approximately 25% more than traditional shower heads.

Enjoy a shower like you never have before. Maximize your shower experience and reward yourself with the nourishing and replenishing aromatherapy shower you deserve with one of our Aroma Sense Vitamin C shower heads.

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