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10 Reasons why you need to Change your old Shower Head

Need a reason to change your old shower head? How about 10?

Most people don’t ever think about changing their old shower head. It’s a simple, yet very beneficial, improvement to your home; so why not? Well, other than it taking a moment of your time, we really don’t have the answer to that for you. However, we’ve easily gathered together 10 good reasons why you should change your old shower head.

1. Slow water flow
2. Low water pressure
3. Newer shower heads feature advanced designs that promote better feeling showers.
4. Clogs and debris lying dormant in your shower head.
5. Cut down on water consumption
6. Reduce your water bill
6. Eliminate chemical exposure, and the included health risks, by using a filtered unit.
7. Shower start. Some shower heads save you the prolonged transition between cold and hot water.
8. More health benefits are available through shower heads that offer Vitamin C Replenishment.
9. Emotional health. Some advanced shower heads promote stress reduction, relaxation and even enhance your mood by the means of aromatherapy.
10. Modern designs look more appealing

These are 10 very valid reasons why you should change your old shower head for our vitamin C & aromatherapy shower head by Aroma Sense!

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