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10 Reasons Why Filtered Shower Heads Are Beneficial

Have you ever wondered how something as simple as using a filtered shower head could benefit you? Let me share with you 10 ways this transition could be favorable to you.

1. Allergy benefits. Shower Filters protect your skin and lungs from contaminants in your water, such as mold, that can sometimes cause allergic reactions.
2. Shower Filters eradicate copper and other metals as well as rust and calcium from your pipes.
3. Shower Filters remove chlorine, which has drying effects on both hair and skin. Filtered shower heads such as vitamin C shower heads have been scientifically proven to neutralize chlorine in the shower water.
4. Chlorine can also cause skin irritations such as rashes.
5. More detrimental water contaminates come from your shower, and invade the air, than any alternate source in your home.
6. Inhaled chemicals reach your bloodstream much faster than chemicals that have been ingested.
7. More chlorine enters your body through inhalation, and your pores, while showering than when you ingest it.
8. Overwhelming evidence shows chlorine may contribute to major health conditions such as cancer and heart conditions.
9. The fresh chlorine-free smell during your shower and the refreshing aftereffects of using a filtered shower head.
10. Water efficiency

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