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The Aroma Sense Micro Fabric Filter (How it works)

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as stepping into the warm steamy aromatic water streams of your shower for a revitalizing start to your day. If we knew exactly what was lurking in our tap water, however, most of us would probably think differently about them. Tap water contains chemicals and unpleasant foreign particles such as chlorine, copper, formaldehyde, lithium, monobromoacetic acid and many other harmful chemicals and foreign particles that are rather unsettling to think of. All of these harmful things in your tap water can cause numerous health problems and risks such as cancer, allergic reactions, hair damage, skin irritation and may even negatively affect your breathing and reproduction system. Not such a refreshing thought now, is it?

Enough of the disturbing reality checks though because that’s not what I’m writing this article to tell you about. I’m writing this article to inform you there’s a way you can enjoy a clean, pure healthy shower without having to endure any of the horrible side effects and risks from these harsh chemicals. You can experience this through a shower head water filter. All of these harmful chemicals are filtered out of your water before even having a chance to come into contact with you, all because of the extraordinary Aroma Sense microfiber fabric filter. Read on to see how this remarkable filter works.

The Aroma Sense microfiber fabric filter is a unique and original filter for your shower head. This shower filter successfully removes any unwanted particles, such as contaminants, rust and dirt from your tap water. Not only will you feel the difference when you take a shower in fresh clean purified water, but with the Aroma Sense microfiber fabric, you’ll actually see the difference as well. This extraordinary microfiber water filter can determine how clean or dirty your water is. This white shower filter will turn a yellow to brown hue depending on the amount of contaminants in your water. If your tap water is exceptionally dirty, your filter will turn a darker color quicker. If you notice your Aroma Sense shower spray is scattered & not as concentrated as it once was, it is a good idea to check to see if your micro fabric filter needs to be replaced since the contaminants from the filter will affect the shower concentration spray.

These filters do so much for your health and will completely transform your shower experience. They can both be installed and removed with such simplicity and can easily be cleaned by simply washing them under running water. Although each plumbing system differs from house to house, we recommend you to check your micro fabric filter every time you check the Aroma Sense Vitamin C refill shower cartridge. If you are looking for the perfect shower filter for your bathroom fixture, then look no further than the Aroma Sense brand!

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