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Aroma Sense For Your Spa

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If you’re looking for a new product to enhance your spa and make it stand out from competition, you can give your spa guests an overall more luxurious experience during their visit by installing an Aroma Sense shower head. This enhancement may be exactly what you’re looking for.

These exceptional shower heads would be a great addition to your spa. An Aroma Sense vitamin C shower could be installed in your spa locker rooms or treatment rooms for allowing your spa guests the convenience of rinsing off their body after a treatments, facials and massages while also enjoying an extraordinary shower experience.

Aroma Sense shower heads are uniquely designed with both your spa guests and your overall business’s success in mind. Aroma Sense shower heads are designed to have soothing high pressure effects while still managing to use smaller streams and save your spa 36,000 liters of water per year.

These shower heads have numerous health and wellness benefits for your guests. Aroma Sense shower heads emit a remarkable amount of negative ions, which hold many benefits such as removing irritants from the air, improving mental clarity and alleviating muscle tension. Extra negative ions will give your guests the same fresh clean air experience as if they were standing under a waterfall.

The Aroma Sense shower head filter completely removes harmful chemicals such as chlorine and perilous impurities such as rust from your water, eliminating potential health risks and the unpleasant drying and damaging effects to your guests skin and hair. With the Aroma Sense shower head’s Vitamin C infused filter, you will actually be reversing the effects of chlorine and replenishing moisture giving your guests a renewed feeling. Vitamin C has excellent health benefits for both skin and hair that they’ll unquestionably see and feel.

We all know the power of smell. When all of our senses work together in a refreshing way, it can be a rather tranquilizing experience. Aromatic fragrances are emitted from the Aroma Sense Vitamin C shower head during use and work wonders for renewing the mind and giving your guests a complete clean and refreshing aromatic shower experience like never before.

By adding an Aroma Sense shower head to your spa, you’ll also open up opportunities for marketing support and product training. An Aroma Sense shower will help you give your guests a spa experience they’ll never forget. Ensure your guests feel refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed even after their initial spa treatment or facial with an Aroma Sense shower. Many other popular spas such as Ritz Carlton Spas, Spa Blue in Del Mar, Monte Carlo Spa in Las Vegas, Paradise Pointe & Resort Spa in San Diego, Spa Gregories in Newport Beach and Allegria Spa at Beaver Creek have already made improvements to their spa by introducing Aroma Sense. Hop on the bandwagon and help ensure you’re giving your guests an overall spa experience they’ll never forget.

You can also offer these Aroma Sense shower heads in your spa for retail, because believe me, they’ll want to take this shower experience home with them.

Aroma Sense Health and Beauty Shower Head

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