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Sleeping well with Essential Oils

We all crave that perfect night’s sleep or ways on how we can improve our sleep quality, so we don’t become too cranky in the mornings. Some of us go out and buy customized mattresses, natural sheets, and even pajamas that feel like we are wearing a cloud. However, most of these things are very expensive and what people don’t know is there is a cheaper alternative to get the best sleep of your life. 


By using Aromatherapy oils, we can improve our sleep tremendously. 

Using oils to help improve sleep has been used for a long period of time. It is the natural and cheapest way to get the best sleep you’re looking for. 

Here is what you need to know about using aromatherapy/essential oils for a better night's sleep.


How to Use Essential Oils


For some applying the oil directly to the soles of your feet, palms, and wrist when you start your day will help you feel relaxed and calm throughout the day.

Another way to enjoy the relaxing components of essential oils would be to invest in an Aromatherapy Vitamin C Shower.  By incorporating Aromatherapy into your daily showers you not only start your day with reenergizing and revitalizing feelings of the essential oils but your hair and skin also benefit from the added Vitamin C!



Which Essential Oils Should I Get


If you’re new to the essential oil world which is also called aromatherapy, then it can be scary because there are so many oils that do different things. 

For better night sleep, you can try these oils



Lavender is the most popular and most research essential oil used for sleep and relaxation.

For most, this is their number one pick to help them get a better night’s sleep. 

Lavender has a soothing scent and is a natural remedy for anxiety as well. 



This essential oil has a sweeter scent to it, which can be more appealing for people that like sweet things.

Vanilla also can have a sedative effect on the body which can cause relaxation and relieve some stress.

It’s known to reduce blood pressure and quiet the nervous system.


Citrus Mango 

Citrus Mango is a well-known aromatherapy oil that can help with relaxation and alleviate stress. 



Jasmine has a wonderful sweet floral scent, so if you love the smell of flowers, you will love this.

Many researchers concluded that jasmine helps sleep quality and cuts down restless sleeping. 


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