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How Aromatherapy Showers Work


You may have heard of aromatherapy & vitamin C showers and be wondering what they are and why they suddenly are becoming so popular. 

These showers utilize the steam of the showers along with certain fragrances in order to help soothe the body and the mind. Some common fragrances include lavender, jasmine, rose, eucalyptus, citrus, rosemary, and more.

Some will help get rid of a headache and others are great for de-stressing. As for their sudden growth in popularity, much of that is due to the attention they have been getting and how many people are realizing just how great aromatherapy showers are.


How It Works

Many people do not want a lot of chlorine in their water so they add sulfur based chemicals and other additives to the water. 

Using aromatherapy oils combined with Vitamin C can be more beneficial than using the chemicals in soaps & conditioners to remove chlorine.  Also, Essential Oils and Vitamin C are not toxic to other living cells and is safe to use at home.

This will trigger a response in the amygdala where our emotions and memory are located and the smell of essential oils can improve our emotions immediately. 


Benefits of Aromatherapy Showers

The main benefit of aromatherapy showers would have to be the effect they have on our mental state and assisting us in relaxing and unwinding.

Different types of essential oils can have different effects on the body. Eucalyptus is the most well-known plant or essential oil that you can use for relaxation and improving sleeping quality. 

More and more people are purchasing aromatherapy showers due to the popular vote of the medical community on helping a wide range of health-related issues such as:


  • Allergy and airway relief
  • Digestion improver
  • Headache reducer
  • Immunity booster
  • Joint soother
  • Pain management
  • Sleep improvement
  • Stress relief

Aromatherapy showers are even beneficial to help reduce the pains of pregnancy and helps counter some side effects of chemotherapy.

Although aromatherapy does not cure illnesses, it is a natural product that has many beneficial uses. 


Using Essential Oils 

The best and more convenient way of turning your shower into a home spa is if you purchase an aromatherapy showerhead with essential oils.

These showerheads are becoming more and more popular because you don’t have to go out and constantly buy plants and have them get in the way of your shower.

Aromatherapy showerheads have the essential oils in cartridges that are placed on the showerhead. So, when you turn on the shower the essential oils are being released into your shower and you can start to inhale the aroma.

Aroma Sense has the best aromatherapy showerheads you can get and with its cutting-edge technology and high-water pressure, it will have you relaxed like you never thought before. So, click the link and get yours today

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