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How Aroma Sense Keeps Your Shower Clean

When it comes to chores, one of the most dreaded places in the house to clean is the bathroom. From scrubbing down the toilet to removing hair from the drain, these tasks can be nauseating for many people. Despite popular belief, your shower is one of the dirtiest areas in the home. Just because it is constantly doused with water doesn’t mean it is cleaning the shower. It could actually be doing the opposite because of how water interacts with the soap you use and how moisture is easily trapped in the bathroom. But what if your shower can help clean itself? At Aroma Sense, we are confident that our aromatherapy shower heads can keep you and your shower squeaky clean because they can:

Wash difficult to reach places

One of the best features of some of our shower heads is that they are handheld, meaning you can still enjoy a nice shower after taking it off the wall mount. Unlike traditional mounted shower heads, handheld ones allow you to clean every nook and cranny of your shower without getting water everywhere. Its mobility in the shower also makes it less challenging for you to maneuver the shower head around. Never worry again about having to miss a spot! To make your life even easier, take a little time out of your shower every day to rinse the walls and tub out with our shower head so that deep cleaning later on will be a breeze.

Remove soap scum and residue

Our shower heads are equipped with the latest technology that delivers a thinner and stronger stream of water. With a water pressure 1.5 times greater than leading brands in the industry, our shower heads take your cleaning to a whole new level. Soap scum, dirt, and residue will be a thing of the past. Giving your shower a quick rinse will be enough to remove many of the germs and buildup that lurk around. And all of this is at no extra cost to you. In fact, our shower heads help conserve 25% more water compared to other brands, resulting in a lower water bill every month. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Clean your bathroom from the inside and out

What makes our showers lean, mean, cleaning machines are the parts of it we don’t see most of the time. The piping system is essential to the functionality of our shower, but most of the time, there is very little we can do to maintain it on a regular basis. Luckily, our shower heads contain a microfiber filter that traps rust, copper, calcium, dirt, and other contaminants and prevents them from building up in our pipes.

Keep your bathroom smelling fresh

Have you ever noticed an abnormal chemical odor coming from your shower? Most likely, it is caused by chlorine in the water. Chlorine is intentionally added to our water systems to kill germs and prevent buildup, but it can do more harm than good once it reaches our bodies. Aroma Sense’s shower heads contain vitamin C, which neutralizes the chlorine in unfiltered water. You can relax knowing that you and your shower will stay smelling fresh.

Although Aroma Sense Aromatherapy Shower Heads can help keep your shower clean, it doesn’t necessarily replace a good scrub down. Your bathroom is still vulnerable to germs, bacteria, mold, and residue, which need a bit of an extra push to leave. We understand the struggle of maintaining a clean bathroom and hope that our shower heads can make this less of a burden.  

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