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Benefits of Showering After Working Out

Going to the gym and working up a sweat is great all around and it implies that we’ve had an amazing workout. However, once we leave the gym, we become all sticky, and our muscles start to ache. One thing that can fix all this is by going to the showers after the workout. 


Showering after a workout is incredibly beneficial for you for multiple reasons. Here are some of the reasons why you should hit the showers after your workout. 

Aids with Recovery

Showering after a workout has been proven to help your muscles recover faster and helps your body able to bounce back and be able to do another workout. 


This is because during you’re shower it assists in relieving all the lactic acid out of your muscles which causes you to be sore the day after. 


Should I Take A Cold or Hot Shower

Taking a cold or hot shower will depend on your preferences and level of comfortability.  What is recommended, is to take a cold and hot shower at the same time. Now this means that you will first start with cold water.

The reason why you want to start with cold water is due to the ability it has to reduce the inflammation of muscles, joints, and tendons. 

It reduces inflammation when the cold water comes in contact with your skin, it's able to decrease the blood flow locally. 

After the cold shower, you want to switch it to hot or warm water.

This will now improve the muscle and joint recovery time and flush out any inflammatory cells your body has inside. 

If you ever come out of leg day without the ability to walk properly it's because you’re sore, then try the cold-to-hot shower method next time you hit the showers. 

This will help with improving your body’s mobility so the stiffness after the workout does not happen. 

It Improves Your Hygiene

Coming out of the gym is a great feeling but what's not a great feeling is the odor you have once you come out of the gym. 


Even with using deodorant and cologne, the smell may still linger, and you don’t want to go to work or your next date smelling bad. 

Post workout showers improves hygiene by removing all the sweat, oil, & dirt you accumulated throughout your workout to keep your skin looking refreshed and healthy.  You want to wait 10 minutes after your workout to shower so that you give yourself ample time to stretch and let your body recover after you exercise. 

Prevents Clogged Pores

When you sweat, you begin to collect a lot of bacteria and skin cells. Most of the time, they will just get stuck in your pores. 


If your pores get clogged, then it can lead to acne such as whiteheads and blackheads. Plus, we’ve workout plenty to only be stopped by bad skin.

So, showering with soap and washing your face will wash away all the dead skin cells and bacteria that were inside your pores and the rest of your body. 


Improves Immune System

Showering with cool water can give your immune system a quick jolt in the right direction.


Some people have experienced that showering with cold or cool water reduces the number of sick days they have used for work.

This is due to the reduction of lactic acid inside your body and eliminating the leftover sweat and bacteria from the workout.

If you want to be in tip-top shape and get the most out of your workout then showering after you’re done exercising will help you tremendously. What can help you even more after that is if you use a custom Aromatherapy Showerhead from Aroma Sense that will help your skin glow by the use of vitamin C and other oils.



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