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Winter Wellness: 7 Warm Essentials to Make this the Coziest Winter Yet

Along with Winter comes the absolute best of comforts such as warm blankets, hot cocoa, freshly baked cookies, the peaceful crackling of a fireplace, and festive decorations that make you feel joyful. Ahhh it smells like Christmas. Wait- does it smell like Christmas? You simply can’t forget the importance of holiday scents during this special time of year. Who can think of Christmas without naturally reminiscing of smells like peppermint, Cinnamon and Winter Balsam Fir trees? Why not use essential oils and receive the benefits too? Here are some great Winter essential oils and ways you can incorporate them into your Winter celebrations:

White Fir Essential Oil

What better smell during Winter months than the clean, crisp, smell of pine needles? If you love being outdoors, White Fir essential oil will help you still feel a comforting sense of the green outdoors while you’re in the comfort of your home and enjoying the beauty of the snow-covered trees. Breathe in and be reminded of a wooded forest and Christmas trees, while White Fir creates a calming environment and gifts you with energizing properties. You can diffuse wooden slab ornaments with White Fir essential oil and hang them on your tree to really enhance your Christmas tree’s aroma or to create the aroma of pine needles if your Christmas tree is fake. I guarantee you’ll have the freshest smelling most desirable tree in town!

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus has a fresh minty smell that’s oh-so-soothing. The fresh scent of Eucalyptus is a must for the holidays! You can incorporate this essential oil into your whole daily routine during Winter months by using an Aroma Sense shower head with a Eucalyptus essential oil Vitamin C cartridge. Stay in the holiday spirit and pleasantly rejuvenated by enjoying the fresh aromatic scent of Eucalyptus during every shower. Eucalyptus also has throat soothing properties and is a natural antibacterial so it helps keep wounds healed and your shower cleaner. You’ll feel fresher than ever before stepping out of the shower. This innovative shower head also makes a great gift. With an Aroma Sense aromatherapy shower head, you can enjoy showering in purified water and experience the full effects of this brightly scented essential oil as you step out of the shower- how refreshing!

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is always one of the most desirable scents of the season. Peppermint essential oil is perfect for bringing the holiday scent into your home. The cool and subtly sweet scent of peppermint essential oil is perfect for uplifting the mood, relaxing the mind, and making the holidays even more enjoyable. You can make a homemade essential oil room spray and enjoy this magical scent all Winter long!

Cinnamon & Nutmeg Essential Oils

Do you want your home to smell like freshly baked gingerbread cookies? Cinnamon or Nutmeg essential oils will give your home a holiday spice scent that you’ll yearn for all year long. A great way to fill your home with these scents is to make your own essential oil potpourri. While making your own potpourri, consider adding these essential oils to pinecones for a more festive look.

Clove Essential Oil

This essential oil is derived from dried flower buds and has a warm woodsy aroma that’s perfect for Winter time. Clove essential oil stimulates and energizes while naturally disinfecting the air. You can make your own reed diffusers to freshen your air naturally and emit a pleasant scent.

Orange Essential Oil

For a refreshing seasonal aroma that resembles the holiday smell of mulled wine and oranges, you can mix together Orange, Clove and Cinnamon essential oils. This is the perfect aroma to be able to enjoy during Winter while sitting by the fireplace drinking some mulled wine or a glass of hot apple cider. You can make your own potpourri with this blend and fill your whole house with this warm, seasonal aroma. You can also diffuse wooden door hangers or make traditional orange pomander balls out of oranges and cloves.

Anise Essential Oil

The warm, spicy scent of Anise essential oil is always pleasant to indulge in during the Winter months. Anise essential oil is a powerful relaxant, which is often needed during holidays. Anise essential oil decreases your body’s nervous response to stress and slows down your body’s blood circulation. You can add a few drops of Anise essential oil to your furnace filter every couple days to enjoy this pleasant spicy scent throughout your whole house.

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