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Why Aromatherapy Is Growing In the Hotel and Hospitality Industry

Aromatherapy is the process of using herbs to heal and nourish your mind; relieve you of stress and give that soothing relaxation your body needs. It is also used in the natural healing process of some illness such as asthma, menstrual issues, headaches, insomnia and other ailments. It positively impacts human emotions and behaviors. Recent research shows that travelers are in search of life-enriching and enhancing experiences and this has brought about an increase in the demand for healing and restorative services. As a result of these, hotels now offer aromatherapy to help rejuvenate and give such sensual encounters to travelers checking in to their hotels. These services are provided to meet the needs of the traveler and give them an unforgettable relaxation experience. With this recent development in hotel services, aromatherapy has brought about a significant increase in customer satisfaction and customer base. The hotel business has become lucrative as almost every traveler seeks to have this soothing and amazing feel of tranquility in any of the hotels they check into. Such hotels are seen as a stress-free environment and provide travelers with the appropriate ambience for relaxation.

Some of the Benefits of Aromatherapy to Guests:

  • It helps to improve your mood and renders an at ease feeling
  • After a stressful trip, aromatherapy makes your body relaxed and prepared for a better night rest, revitalizing you when you awake
  • It refreshes your body and improves your skin tone; The difference will be felt more by those with flaky and dry skin which might be caused by fatigue and long flights.Aromatherapy helps to keep your skin moist, youthful and prevent premature wrinkling
  • Used with an aromatic bath or the use of essential oils for massage, aromatherapy will drastically lessen symptoms such as muscle fatigue and depression.
  • It would leave such lasting and unforgettable hotel experience that would be etched in your mind making you want to come back for more of such service anytime you visit.

How Aromatherapy is Administered

The traditional method of aromatherapy involves the use of diffusers, ranging from lighting scented candles that release fine aromas to using potpourri and wooden stick diffusers that aerate a light scent. However, these methods often have to be replaced on a daily basis or are fire hazards, especially in public areas such as hotel lobbies that are subject to large amounts of traffic and an abundance of odors. Fortunately, recent innovations has led to a new trend of ultrasonic diffusers involving electric appliances that vibrate water at a high rate to produce a fine mist that can permeate the air. These aromatherapy diffusers often come with attractive LED lights that can add to the overall ambiance of the hotel as well as provide a tranquil and natural appearance. Some even have stereo systems built in that can replicate natural outdoor sounds to truly provide a nature-induced feeling, or can play a light classical Mozart tune for enjoyment. Simply add a few drops of essential oils and these modern diffusers can surely loosen up the mood.

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