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Filtered Shower Heads Vs. Unfiltered Shower Heads

Ah, filtered shower heads vs. unfiltered shower heads… the great debate. Most of us often start our day with a quick shower before heading out for school or work and one detail that we seem to give the least attention is our bathroom shower head, unless of course something is wrong with it. Studies have revealed that shower heads have more ways than one to help us with our health especially ones that are filtered.

What comes in the picture is the water that goes through these shower heads: chlorinated water. Chlorine has become a staple substance in water and whether we assume to believe it or not, it eventually contributes to affect our body in more ways than one.

This is why it is very essential to have shower heads that are filtered as compared to unfiltered ones because of the filters’ capacity to benefit our health in the long run by preventing direct exposure to all the chlorine in water.

Chlorine does wonders with keeping our water clean and purified but direct contact with it brings about a lot of diseases that eventually keeps our health at risk. Just by showering with an unfiltered shower head some may experience drier skin or even hair, this gives us a quick realization that chlorine in our water is one to be filtered and not directed to the body at once.

Through filtered shower heads health problems as well as aging can be prevented, one that cannot be done by unfiltered shower heads. The secret is by not directing chlorinated water to the skin or hair preventing the chemical from being absorbed by the body most especially by the skin cells.

Many may think of it as a joke but studies have claimed that chlorine directed to body and absorbed by the cells have contributed to many diseases and has caused the body to age inappropriately. It is not just the skin and hair that get affected by direct exposure to chlorinated water, the rest of the body were also found to be affected by direct chlorine exposure.

Some of the common diseases that happen when continuous exposed to chlorinated water are complications to the respiratory system like bronchitis and asthma, as well as throat and nose irritation. It is also stated that the heart and arteries also become affected by too much absorption of chlorine in the body.

What is worse than cellular damage in the body and early skin aging is eventual development of cancer (breast and bladder) because of chlorine exposure too often. And just by these observations and studies, it makes you realize just how important it is to be able to protect yourself and your family just by purchasing shower head that are filtered.

Filtered shower heads will only cost you an average of $60 to $80. By purchasing an Aroma Sense shower head, you can turn your contaminated shower into a chlorine free shower through our vitamin c shower filtration technology. Not only will you enjoy a Vitamin C shower that removes chlorine, but our added benefit of aromatherapy shower adds a spa-like environment for you to fully enjoy your shower! A very low price to spent for you to prevent any further health hazards that may happen to you and your family. A very simple and easy step that turns your life into one that is healthier and safer from the adverse effects of direct exposure to chlorinated water.

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