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What Is A Vitamin C Shower And Why You Should Invest In One

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Various unique treatments exist for the body as well as mind. You must have heard about aromatherapy showers, steam baths and saunas. A new trend has now been introduced in the field of health which involves showers infused with vitamin C. This vitamin is very beneficial for health in various ways. A Vitamin C shower can also impart a number of health benefits and is, therefore, worth investing in. Read on to find out more about these showers and their advantages.

What is Vitamin C Shower?

This type of shower is a very unique and creative concept. There are many different vitamin c shower filters out in the market and most vitamin c shower filters have the shower filter directly connected inside the shower head. The filter at the shower head contains vitamin C and when you turn on the shower, the water becomes infused with vitamin C. As your body bathes in this useful nutrient, it takes advantage of the benefits for the body.

Eliminating Chlorine
Most houses in the United States get chlorinated water. This substance is added to purify water by killing different kinds of germs and getting rid of parasites. This chlorinated water is, therefore, safe for use. However, there are several drawbacks as well. When exposed to too much chlorine, your hair and skin can get damaged. A Vitamin C shower can eliminate chlorine in your shower water while providing the clean water that you need. Manufacturers claim that almost ninety nine percent of chlorine in water is removed when you take a bath through this special shower.

Health Benefits for Hair and Skin
Other than protecting your skin and hair against chlorine, a vitamin C shower can improve one’s overall health. Vitamin C is very important to maintain the youth of the skin. It is an antioxidant – a substance which delays the process of aging. When your body is bathed with this nutrient, your hair and skin can stay healthy, smooth & collagen-full for years to come!

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