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Start The New Year Feeling Fresh with Aroma Sense

As 2021 comes to a close, we reflect on the year and look forward to what is to come. For most of us, the new year is a time for cleansing and focusing on what matters to us the most. Everyone is excited about new upcoming opportunities and challenges and is ready to embrace this fresh start. This is also the perfect time to check in on your well-being and set goals for your health and happiness. One of the best ways to press the reset button is to physically and spiritually cleanse yourself. Continue reading to see how you can do this yourself with the Aroma Sense collection of luxury shower and bath products.  


A cleansing ritual for the New Year


During the New Year, it’s all out with the old and in with the new. One way you can leave the past and any negativity behind is by symbolically cleansing and soothing your spirit with a shower or bath. The following ritual will ensure that you are off on the right foot for the new year. Before you get started, make sure that you’re in a private and comfortable space. Ideally, you should be able to carry out all of these tasks without interruption.   


Start by preparing your shower with one of our premium filtered shower heads and the essential oil of your choice. Although this is entirely optional, we recommend that you pick an essential oil that is in line with your intentions for the new year, as shown below:


  • If you are hoping to have a less stressful year, lavender oil is the way to go. It also helps with relaxation and improving sleep.
  • This is the best essential oil to use if you’re looking to focus on your health in the next year. In general, eucalyptus is used to treat skin infection, respiratory problems (like congestion), wounds, mental fatigue, and muscle pain.


After you step into the shower, let the water surround you and take a few deep breaths of the enriching aromas. Inhale the new and exhale the old. Try to clear your mind of any outside stressors and reflect on the highs and lows of the past year. Remember how happy you were in good times and how much you’ve grown during the bad. When you’ve finished going through the highlights of the year, think about the upcoming year. What are you looking forward to? What new opportunities or energies are you hoping to welcome into your life? Set an intention to start on a clean slate for the new year. Stay present in this moment for as long as you can and however long you feel comfortable. When you’re ready to wrap up the ritual, imagine your struggles, challenges, fears, and negative beliefs being left in the water behind you as you step out of the shower and embrace the new positive energy you want to come into your life. Finally, wipe yourself dry with the Aroma Sense luxury towel kit.    



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