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Is Your Shower Water Causing Your Acne?

Approximately 60 million Americans suffer from acne and at least 25 percent will acquire permanent scars from this skin condition. Acne blemishes are unfortunate and embarrassing facial impurities that not only decrease our skin’s health and our overall happiness with our appearance, but chisel away at our confidence and drastically lower our self esteem.

Are you tired of unsightly breakouts? Have you tried everything under the sun to cure your acne yet still can’t seem to gain back control over your skin? Don’t give up just yet. Maybe you should stop exploring and experimenting with the numerous different ingredients in the skin care products on the market today to fix your problem and look toward your personal shower head and faucet instead. The answer you’re looking for may not be in a bottle at all, but could actually be lurking in your own shower water.

Over 85% of U.S. tap water is hard water. This water is full of scum that clogs your pores as well as a high amount of minerals that causes your tap water to react negatively to your body wash and create unfavorable breakout dilemmas. The disadvantageous high metal and mineral content in your shower water makes it difficult to wash off beauty products and hinders you from being able to give your skin the healthy deep clean it needs. The impurities lurking in your tap water and the high amount of minerals create a layer of soap on top of your skin and clogs your pores, contributing to breakouts. Your body wash should form a lather on your skin instead of creating a pore clogging soapy layer. This soapy layer doesn’t only clog your pores but also causes skin irritation. The harsh Chlorine in your tap water may also be a percentage of what is causing your acne to worsen by destroying Vitamin E and important Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in your body. Chlorine also has a drying effect that will often leave your skin red, dry and itchy.

With all of these unnerving components in your own tap water contributing to your breakouts, how are your skin care products ever going to truly work and how are you suppose to get your smooth beautiful skin and glowing confidence back? Easy. Invest in a shower head with a water filter and be amazed at the difference in your skin. It’s really that simple! Thankfully, with today’s technology, vitamin c shower heads that filter all of these harmful impurities out of your shower water are readily available. The first step to healthier skin is realizing what’s damaging your skin to begin with and more than likely one of those culprits is one you utilize every single day and would have never thought twice about- your tap water.

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