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How Aromatherapy Soothes your Mind

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Of our five senses, smell remains the most mysterious and one of the most powerful. Helen Keller, an extremely intelligent and self motivated blind woman who had an undying passion for learning despite her circumstances, once said “smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and all the years we have lived”. Our sense of smell has the power to trigger dozens of memories and affect our mood and emotional state like nothing else. Whether it’s the overwhelming sense of calmness when we smell the fresh air after a heavy rain or the sense of security after smelling your soul mate’s musk, our sense of smell is always prevailing.

Aromatherapy takes this strong influential ability of the olfactory system and runs with it. Aromatherapy uses the ancient healing and renewing properties of essential oils to affect the mind through sense of smell. One of the most astonishing affects of aromatherapy is its miraculous ability to relieve stress and soothe the mind. Aromatherapy has been used for decades to reach the brain’s receptor sites and alter the mind’s psychological state. Essential oils, often used as medicine or as mood boosters, have the ability to relieve headaches, relax tense muscles and repose the mind. These curative essential oils are utilized through aromatherapy to effectively relieve depression and anxiety, reduce mental stress, treat insomnia and provide an overwhelming sense of well-being and ultimate relaxation; but how can sheer aromatic smells and the absorption of essential oils have such a big impact on the emotional and mental state?

When you’re delighting in the tranquilizing smells of essential oils, the airborne molecules of these essential oils are inhaled through the nose. These molecules interact with the olfactory organs, then the brain. When these molecules travel to our brain, several of the brain’s receptor sites are affected. One of these sites is the limbic system, also known as the “emotional brain”. This part of our brain is directly connected to our stress levels and hormone balance as well as memory, breathing, blood pressure and heart rate. The natural renewing properties of essential oils and the direct effect sense of smell has on our brain demonstrates how inhaling essential oils can have such a deep and profound effect on our psychological health and emotional state.

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