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How Often Do You Really Need To Shower?

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How often do you really need to shower? There is no set in stone right or wrong answer to this question. Many people have their own idea on what is an acceptable time to go without a shower, but a lot of it really comes down to three elements: the environment, your activity level, and your body.

The environment plays a big role in when people decide to shower. Since the environment is fluxing and changing so do the shower needs. Someone living in Florida would likely need more showers because there are more warm months than cold months there and they will be sweating more and will also be more likely to feel dirty; and showers also help keep a person cool. However someone who lives where it gets cold is more likely to take fewer showers in the winter and more during the warmer months. The environment you find yourself in will go a long way in dictating how often you need a shower.

Your activity level
Going to the beach, working in the yard, and walking around a theme park all day can warrant a daily shower. If you are going and doing things every day you may need a shower every day. But if all you have done is stay home with the kids or have a semi relaxing day at the mall and the movies, chances are you don’t really need a shower that day, even though you may want one.

Your body
Every person is different and every person’s body is different. Some people sweat more than other and some people have dry sensitive skin. Factors like these really come into play when it comes to how often someone should shower. Too much showering can damage dry skin and not enough showering can cause trouble for oily skin. So you really have to know what your own skin and body needs.

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