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Health Benefits of Negative Ions

What are the health benefits of negative ions? Negative ions have a long list of health benefits and many people are beginning to realize the importance of these amazing ions. Negative ions occur naturally in nature, especially around bodies of moving water such as river and streams or during and right after a rain fall. The best method for getting the ion exposure you need to stay healthy is to get outside.

What Are The Health Benefits of Negative Ions?

  • Negative ions originate from the natural progression pertaining to water, sunlight, air, and the Earth’s basic processes. They are most influential in giving you that clean air smell and feel that you so love after a good rain storm. That crisp feeling in the air, is caused by negative ions, the result of the rain and lightning that accompanies the storm.
  • Negative ions revitalize, regenerate, and energize the human body. They help improve blood flow, speed up brain processes, help the body heal, and improve memory and recall.
  • Negative ions help keep the air clean by removing dust, pet dander, odors, mold, pollen, smoke, bacteria, and viruses. This is achieved because the negative ions are attacked to these particles, which are positively charged. They can be attracted to these air pollutants in large numbers and this causes the particles to become too heavy to remain airborne and send them to the ground.

Negative ions do not occur in dry, stuffy air of our home or office. You need to go for a walk, get caught in the rain, go walk along the beach, go fishing, and make sure you do not stay cooped up inside all the time. If you do not have the time for any of that you can just take a shower. You can also make an ion garden in your home; all you need is some plants and a source of running water. You can get the exposure you need with a negative ion generator.

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