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Give The Gift of Aromatherapy

Even though it’s been well over a year since the start of the pandemic, 2021 has not been any easier. We all deserve a pick-me-up after everything that has happened over the past two years. Since the holiday season is coming up, gift the super stressed people in your life with some aromatherapy to help them end the year on a relaxing and positive note. Although it won’t be able to fix their problems, it will give them something to look forward to every day at home.


Why aromatherapy?


Aromatherapy is the practice of smelling essential oils for the benefit of your well-being. It’s more commonly used to calm the mind, but some scientific evidence so far points to potential health benefits as well. This practice does not just benefit you in the short term, but it can also have long-lasting effects in your life.


  • Convenient and ease of use. It can seem intimidating at first, but aromatherapy is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get into the right mood for relaxation compared to other methods out there. Additionally, it can be as easy as taking a quick sniff from a bottle of essential oil to reap the benefits or using a diffuser to smell the aroma throughout your home as you’re going about your day.  


  • An indulgence you’d never regret. Whether it’d be ice cream or binge-watching reality TV shows, we all love to indulge in the guilty pleasures in life. But oftentimes, we regret our decisions almost immediately because of how it negatively impacts other aspects of our life. With aromatherapy, you will never have that thought cross your mind. Because it can be seamlessly integrated into the rest of your lifestyle and can help you in only positive ways, you will always be in a win-win situation no matter when or how you use aromatherapy.


  • The gift that keeps on giving. Because our sense of smell is so strong, the aromas alone are enough to trigger mental and physical responses that can help us cope with everyday stresses and even anxiety. Some people even use aromatherapy to treat conditions, such as acne, allergies, pain, and headaches. With continued use, you’ll even start to notice how much more energy you have, how much better your sleep is, and how much more relaxed you are.


Aromatherapy with Aroma Sense


If you’re still in the market for some aromatherapy gifts, consider taking a look at the Aroma Sense collection of filtered showerheads equipped with vitamin C cartridges. Each of our vitamin C cartridges are infused with essential oils that will immerse you in the most luxurious shower you will ever experience. Depending on your mood or needs, you can choose from citrus mango, lemon, vanilla, jasmine, lavender, eucalyptus, or pine essential oils. Our specially designed shower heads also enhance the aromatherapy experience with increased water pressure and micro-fiber filtration. You’ll be able to step out of the shower every day relaxed and ready to take on the day’s challenges!

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