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Large Handheld Shower Head with Hose and Bracket + Vanilla 3 Pack + Microfiber Filter 5 Pack
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Large Handheld With Hose & Bracket + Vanilla 3 Pack + Microfiber Filters 5 pack

Includes 1 Large Handheld Shower Head, 7 Microfiber Filters, 1 Vitamin C Handheld Shower Cartridge (Lemon), 3 Vitamin C Handheld Shower Cartridges (Vanilla) & Hose/Bracket

This premium starting kit is perfect for individuals looking to upgrade their shower experience to the Aroma Sense handheld model with a hose & bracket plus additional items. Immerse yourself into luxury & treat yourself to a 5 star shower experience with this awesome kit. This starting kit should last you about 4 - 6 months before you need to replace any cartridges or filters. For information on how to install & maintain your Aroma Sense shower head, please visit our installation & maintenance page here.


  • Aromatherapy Effect: Natural aroma oils provides an uplifting scent to enhance relaxation and alleviate stress
  • Chlorine Removal: Neutralizes chlorine from unfiltered water 
  • Vitamin C Replenishment: Contains vitamin C concentrate to promote healthier hair and skin
  • High Water Pressure: Optimizes water pressure 1.5 times greater than well branded shower heads
  • Rust removal: Microfiber filter traps any residual rust, dirt and contaminants collected through water piping systems
  • Negative Ionizer: Produces up to four times the negative ions--scientifically proven to aid in breathing, increase blood flow, and alleviate stress

The Aromatherapy Shower Starter Kit includes a large handheld vitamin C shower head perfect for those who want all-over-body coverage. Designed with over 300 spray plate holes, it is sure to provide an invigorating spa-like experience, giving you refreshing and relaxing aromatherapy in your own shower. Our Vitamin C filtration technology effectively neutralizes chlorine to support healthy skin and hair, while the microfiber filtration removes additional contaminants brought through your piping system. If you love spa jets, our laser-etched spray plate will boost weak water pressure for a more therapeutic feel. This luxury shower head is sure to upgrade your shower experience.