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Ways to Modernize Your Bathroom on a Budget

Whether you’ve just bought an older home or you’re ready to renovate your own; your bathroom is a good place to start. Over the past decade, bathroom features have came a long way and there are now ways you can remodel your bathroom to feel like a spa-like sanctuary. Unfortunately, with the modernization of these bathroom features, prices have also sky rocketed over the years as well. Here are some helpful ways you can modernize your bathroom on a budget and even save some money in the future while you’re at it!

One of the most efficient ways you can modernize your bathroom on a budget is by investing in a vitamin c filtered shower head for your shower fixture, such as an Aroma Sense shower head. These shower heads not only give your bathroom a more modernized look but they’ll also change your personal shower experience forever. These state of the art shower head’s filter your shower water of any harmful chemicals and impurities such as Chlorine and heavy metals. This particular shower head also showers your skin and hair with replenishing Vitamin C and fills the air with refreshing essential oils while you shower. Although you it would be easy for someone to automatically assume this home improvement would be costly, with its design that features smaller triangular shaped holes for more pressurized jet streams, this shower head actually saves you money on your water bill by reducing water usage 25%.

Another excellent addition to your bathroom would be light dimmers. Paired with a spa-inspired Aroma Sense shower head, you could dim the lights for an even more relaxing setting and have the ultimate peaceful renewing experience. What a wonderful way to end a stressful day at work. Light dimmers give you more control over your lights so you can adjust them to your preferences and mood. These modern lights save you money on your electric bill as well, even on the lowest setting, and certainly look more modernized.

Tired of your worn out-dated bathroom countertop? Tile could be exactly what you need to give your bathroom countertops a unique modernized design. Give your bathroom some personality. Tile is easy to apply yourself and nifty when it comes to cleaning. Larger sized of tiles are best for easier cleaning and minimizing grout lines. Tile countertops are water resistant and are certainly more cost efficient than other varieties of counter tops such as stone slabs and marble. This makes them perfect for upgrading your bathroom without downgrading your bank account. Modern designed solid surfaces and laminate are also more cost efficient counter top materials to choose from but may scratch easily.

Forget spending loads of money replacing faucet fixtures and simply have them professionally re-glazed for a more modernized look and less than half the price! However, If you really want to upgrade your fixture’s style and insist on replacing your old fixtures, save hundreds of dollars without compromising quality by choosing fixtures that have basic finishes.

When replacing a toilet, definitely don’t look to invest in the most expensive toilet you can find. Surprisingly, tests show traditional basic designed toilets flush better than expensive high technology motion-activated toilets. Investing in a modernized dual flush toilet can save you a ton of water, and money, with each flush. Considering the trips we make to the restroom daily, your investment in this modern technology will pay off quickly.

These remodeling tips and ideas will help you leave your dull outdated bathroom in the dust! With these new modernized bathroom features, you can have the updated revived bathroom you’ve been dreaming of without having to spend a ton of money.

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