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The Remarkable skin Benefits of Lavender oil

Lavender oil releases a nostalgic aromatic smell that relaxes and entices but it’s also often used as a medicine and there’s no wonder why. This hearty healer has endless health benefits. Lavender oil was first used as a skin disinfectant then it was soon discovered this essential oil could effectively be used to improve the respiratory system as well. Since its medical benefits have been discovered, scientists continue to find more and more endless health benefits this magnificent oil has to offer.

Skin Care

One of the health benefits of Lavender oil is its remarkable skin healing effects. Lavender oil heals bruises, scrapes, bug bites and improves acne and rashes. This beneficial essential oil is excellent for preventing MRSA and treating athletes foot and mild burns. Lavender oil acts as a disinfectant and helps your skin and nails heal dramatically faster. Having access to Lavender oil is especially beneficial if you work in a field where you get burns or cuts often that are susceptible to infection such as in a mechanic, welding or cooking profession.

Respiratory Health

Breathing comes easy with Lavender oil. Respiratory relief is one of the most frequently reported benefits of this phenomenal essential oil. Inhaling Lavender oil helps to restore and protect your respiratory system. Lavender oil is effective in healing throat infections, coughs, colds, tonsillitis, laryngitis, whooping cough, bronchitis, asthma, influenza and sinus infections.

Relaxes the mind

Lavender oil is a sedative that relaxes your mind, reduces stress and even improves depression and anxiety by releasing a calming aromatic scent that naturally lifts your mood. This extraordinary essential oil can also reduce headaches and improve insomnia by inducing sleep.

Reduces Pain

Lavender oil soothes and relaxes tense muscles relieving muscle and joint pain. This essential oil is especially beneficial to those suffering from a sprain or chronic rheumatoid arthritis. Lavender oil also alleviates other aches and pains such as backaches.

Improves Blood Circulation

Lavender oil is often used for hypertension. It improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. This improved blood circulation helps your cells regenerate more frequently. In return, burns, cuts and even scars will heal faster causing less damage to your skin.

Boosts Immune System

This essential oil boosts your immune system helping you to fight off sicknesses. Lavender oil also aids in diarrhea, vomiting, flatulence, colic, stomach aches and menstrual cramps by stimulating the production of intestinal fluids.

Lavender oil is used in many lotions and creams because of its many health benefits. This remarkable essential oil is a great natural way to get all of these desirable health benefits. Not only will you breath better, sleep better and overall feel better but you’ll smell sensational with the sharp enticing floral scent of Lavender with soft mellow pine notes; what’s not to love?

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