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The Importance of Morning Showers – 10 Health Benefits of Showering in the Morning

Generally, there are two different types of people when it comes to taking daily showers; those who take their showers in the morning and those who prefer to take their showers at night. Some people enjoy utilizing night showers for relaxation to help them wind down after a long day; others enjoy that rejuvenated feeling their morning showers provide them with that helps them to kick start their day. However, is one routine better for you than the other? Scientists say morning showers are actually better for you due to some interesting health benefits. Here are 10 reasons that highlight the importance of morning showers.

Improves blood circulation

Morning showers improve your blood’s circulation. The running water causes your blood to rush to your skins surface. Good blood circulation plays an important role in our health. Proper blood circulation contributes to the transferring of nutrients to ample parts of your body. When your body is lacking good circulation, conditions caused by trapped adverse molecules form. Some of these conditions include hypertension and varicose veins. This is why hydrotherapy, a therapeutic use of water, is a common tool to improve blood circulation.

Decreases stress

Are you one of those people that wake up with an uncomfortably fast thumping heart? This is a good sign you’re stressing and probably thinking of the overwhelming amount of things you have to do that day. Morning showers are a great way to ease this stress, particularly cold showers. Morning showers makes certain your body gets the oxygen it needs. Adequate oxygen in the brain decreases stress. Aromatherapy helps, too!

Increases immunity

Morning showers increase immunity by stimulating your body to make new white blood cells. Our white blood cells help us to fight off sicknesses. Due to our biological clock, this only significantly takes place during morning showers.

Morning showers are a preference to many because of the favorable rejuvenating feeling their morning showers give them. Morning showers are a great way to give you just the burst of energy you need to start your day.

Skin Health

Showers in general have a very positive effect on your skin health; morning showers, however, provide you with even more benefits. A.M. showers have a more positive effect when it comes to balances your skin’s natural oil and improving acne.

Relieves cough

If you have a cough, a morning shower is one of the best ways you can give yourself some relief. When you’re fighting a cold or cough, all of the mucus accumulated throughout the night while you’re asleep can make for an uncomfortable sore throat and a very unpleasant morning. The steam from your hot morning shower will loosen the phlegm up and put you at ease within minutes. An aromatherapy shower with eucalyptus oil, found at Aroma Sense USA, can dramatically increase this effect as well as relieve sore muscles.

Increases fertility

Did you know morning showers can actually increases fertility in men? For women planning to conceive, or having difficulty conceiving, their partner taking morning showers could actually have a positive effect. Not only does cold showers trigger testosterone, but recent research proves men’s sperm production is drastically increased when taking cold A.M. showers for a week.

Washes Away Toxins

While we sleep, numerous toxins are discarded through our sweat. Morning showers help to wash them away.

Oily Hair and Scalp

Morning showers help combat oily hair and scalp. Those having to deal with extremely oily hair and scalp can wash their hair at night and it will still appear partially oily by morning. Washing your hair in the morning is a sure way to avoid this.

Muscle alleviation

Taking mornings showers can easily help relieve muscle aches and pains and relax your body, making you feel less tense and more comfortable when starting your day.

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