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Summer: A Perfect Season For Aromatherapy

Here at Aroma Sense, we can’t stress enough the how big of an impact aromatherapy can have especially if used on a daily basis. Record setting levels of carbon dioxide have consequently led to even hotter summers—something those who live on the sunbelt region cannot and do not want to fathom. Although each person has a distinct reaction to particular climates, we humans do generally exhibit similar physiological responses to each season.

We all know that spring induces seasonal allergies in some, while others bury themselves under blankets to avoid insect bites even during scorching hot nights. It’s also safe to say that our bodies follow summer trends of sweating profusely and getting heat rashes. If the green minded part of you dislikes the idea of rubbing synthetic chemicals to soothe your skin or spraying bug sprays with harmful substances into the air you breathe, there is an all natural alternative. Yes, Mother Nature may torment us at times but she also provides a solution that is commonly overlooked.

If you haven’t discovered the world of essential oils and aromatherapy, you might be surprised by its effectiveness with the correct application. There are hundreds of different oils—each with its own therapeuticproperties. Here are some examples of those commonly used by enthusiasts during the hotter seasons based on your symptoms or causes of pain:

  • Insect bites—Geranium, lavender, Melissa, tea tree, and patchouli all can assist with swollen bites or wounds.
    • Insect repellent—Cintronella, lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus are all good repellents that will discourage insects from hovering in the area with the oils diffused in the air. You can also mix and match different oils for a combination of effects; for example catnip which is effective against mosquitoes and Juniper against tics and fleas.
    • Overheating—Sage, peppermint, spearmint, and rosemary all have a minty and cooling effect. Perfect counter for those heat waves.
    • Allergies—From time to time, congestion of the liver or lymph nodes can exacerbate allergies. Thus oils such as juniper, lemon, and orange can be good counters to help alleviate the reaction.
    • Nasal congestion—This goes along with allergies, which can also cause nasal congestion. Good remedies that can supplement antihistamines are peppermint, cypress, eucalyptus, pine, and rosemary.
    • Feeling lethargic or tired—Lemon, black pepper, basil, orange, and any other citrus-based oil proves to energize and revitalize your day.
    • Hangover—ginger, juniper, peppermint, and rosemary all help to alleviate headaches and mitigate nausea and upset stomachs. These oils can even help to clear up mental fogginess.

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