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Our Spa Partner- Ritz Carlton, Kapalua Hawaii

Located in the beautiful area of Kapalua, meaning “arms embracing the sea”, this resort offers a gorgeous captivating view inside and out that you’ll never forget. Past and present Kapalua guests will agree the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua, Hawaii, can easily give you the best hotel experience you’ve ever had in your life. This resort is breathtaking with its tropical oceanic views, beautiful architecture and modern innovative design.

This world-class resort offers luxury service that will make you feel like you’re staying at a home away from home. The Ritz Carlton is the type of tropical paradise you see in your dreams. This Ritz Carlton resort is well-known for their outstanding friendly, detailed services. You will be welcomed and treated like a treasured guest from the moment you walk in the door. Staff will undoubtedly make you feel special with their over-achievement and the impressive detail and thoughtfulness they put into every little thing from Hawaiian flowers in your exceptionally delicious cocktail to handwritten notes and complimentary chocolates left in your room.

Surrounded by palm trees and a nice tropical breeze, you’ll find a beautifully designed in-ground pool that feels like a blissful nirvana during the day and a dreamy romantic getaway at night when lit up. There are three levels of beautiful cascading pools at this resort that are surrounded by comfortable outdoor furniture and soft pliable pillows. The resort’s pools are located where you’ll have a beautiful breathtaking view of the west Maui mountains and the Pacific ocean.

Guests are spoiled with carefully decorated rooms in posh condition with all amenities imaginable, twice a day housekeeping, hardwood floors and luxury linens. Private beach access is available and everywhere you go at the Kapalua Ritz Carlton hotel makes for a very relaxing quiet environment. This remarkable resort is truly refreshing and provides you with plenty of privacy, easily making you feel like you’re on a dreamy island by yourself. Many suites have ocean-front views where if you’re lucky enough, you can have a memorable experience watching whales breaching right from your room. If you’re not whale watching from an ocean view suite, you’ll undoubtedly be seeing a breathtaking view of the sunset each night.

The Kapalua Ritz Carlton resort offers an exquisite spa. The resort’s large variety of treatments and therapies are inspired by native Hawaiian healing traditions. Facials, relaxing massages and rejuvenating moisturizing and cleansing treatments will restore your body and spirit so you can enjoy your stay at Kapalua to the fullest. This resort’s remarkable spa offers a collagen complex that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. An aromatherapy spa shower experience with a state-of-the-art Aroma Sense shower head is also available at this refreshing spa. This aromatherapy shower surrounds you with the aromatic smells and health benefits of essential oils while you’re showered with mesmerizing pressurized streams that thoroughly cleanse the body and freshen the air by releasing Vitamin C and negative ions.

This resort isn’t only for those on vacation but is also perfect for business trips and meetings as well. All of your business needs can easily be met at this resort’s business center. The Kapalua Ritz Carlton business center offers everything you need for a much less stressful work day. At the business center, you’ll receive a personal secretary along with anything else you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Award-winning venues and over 150,000 square feet of outdoor and indoor conference space is conveniently available to guests for business meetings and social functions.

The Kapalua Ritz-Carlton resort offers an impressive collection of six high-end restaurants that each specialize in their own cuisine including a sushi bar, fish and cocktails, farm-to-fork, burgers and shakes, pastries and wraps, Maui coffee and even romantic private dining options. As if their aren’t enough impressive restaurants, fun activities such as snorkeling and golf, and other services at the resort itself, there’s also dozens of nearby attractions like the Honolua Bay as well. This gorgeous Hawaiian hotel is pure luxury and a memorable experience you don’t want to miss.

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