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Introducing the Aroma Sense Prestige Handheld

Functionality and Style come together with the luxurious Aroma Sense Prestige Handheld shower head. This gorgeous shower head is a necessity for those who love convenience, style and being pampered. With rose gold trim, this beautifully accented shower head will add just as much opulent design to your bathroom as comfort to your senses. Here’s why the Aroma Sense Prestige Handheld shower head may be an extremely satisfying choice you won’t regret when it comes to upgrading your shower head:

Water Efficiency

Save money with this innovative handheld shower head’s unique design that impressively uses 25% less water than other shower heads. The exclusive spray plate design gives you a dramatically better experience using less water. This design is desirably easy on your wallet and it certainly pays to invest in it in more ways than one.


The unique innovative spray plate featured on this state-of-the-art handheld shower head creates soft pressurized evenly distributed streams that have great velocity. The center of this spray plate, however, is what will make you crave this experience even more at the end of any long tedious day. At the center of this unique cutting-edge design, you’ll find a pattern of tightly grouped holes laser-etched into the spray plate that emit powerful streams to massage and relax your body as you shower for an entirely new mesmerizing experience.

Luxurious Design

The Prestige Handheld has a unique elegant innovative design you won’t find anywhere else. Elegant Rose gold trim lines the chrome coated spray plate to look beautiful in your bathroom and unlike many other shower heads, the ABS material this shower head is made from is heat, chemical, corrode and rust resistant so rest assured this luxurious design will maintain it’s beauty well over time.


Handheld shower heads offer numerous benefits and tremendous convenience. A handheld design allows you to rinse off your feet, easily rinse shampoo/conditioner from your hair completely without getting shampoo in your eyes, adjusts for people of different heights and could also be the perfect shower option for anyone with limited mobility. You can easily bring the pressurized water streams to you and don’t have to maneuver around as much with this functional design.


This aromatherapy shower head combined with massaging streams of clean purified water allows you to have a full spa experience at home. Breathing in soothing healing essential oils and breathing out your stresses can be a mesmerizing everyday experience with this aromatherapy shower head.

Vitamin C

The exclusive Vitamin C and microfiber filtration system inside of this shower head refreshingly eliminates Chlorine and other harmful chemicals along with unwanted bacteria and foreign particles that are present in your tap water so you can have a truly clean refreshing shower and a breath of fresh air. The Vitamin C eliminates the unhealthy chemicals that dry out your skin and hair. The Vitamin C is absorbed through your skin and restores its moisture as well as boosting Collagen production, promoting stronger healthier hair and speeding up your skin’s wound healing process.

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