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Introducing the Aroma Sense Jet Wall Fix

Are you remodeling your bathroom or looking to replace your old dull worn-out shower head? Since showering is an everyday ritual, a refreshing way to renew yourself after a long tedious day and a long-term stationary item that will last a long time, why not invest in a state-of-the-art aromatherapy spa shower head that will pay you back tenfold for years to come? The Aroma Sense Jet Wall Fix won’t have you regretting that decision with its massaging jet-powered pressurized water streams, water filtration system, added Vitamin C and healing essential oils that create the best possible spa-like shower experience.

Built-In Jet

The Aroma Sense Jet Wall Mounted shower head’s powerful built-in spa jet creates a mesmerizing spa-like experience at home that no other shower head can compete with. The laser cut spray plate on this shower head dramatically boosts water pressure and the small triangular plate holes use 25% less water than standard shower heads. This makes this spectacular shower head easy on your monthly water bill and the absolute perfect upgrade for bathrooms with weak water pressure.

Vitamin C Shower Filter

The Vitamin C filtration technology effectively eliminates unwanted chemicals and foreign materials from your tap water before it ever reaches your body. This technology was created because when showering, people want to be refreshingly cleansed with healthy water- not showered with harmful chemicals. Vitamin C effectively neutralizes harmful chemicals and impurities in your water such as Chlorine & Trihalomethane while holding many nourishing health benefits for your skin and hair.

Negative Ionizer

The Jet Wall Mounted Shower Head emits four times as many negative ions than your standard shower head that are proven to improve breathing and increase blood flow as well as decrease stress. Negative ions are great for creating a refreshing experience and aiding those who suffer from respiratory difficulties or illnesses such as asthma or bronchitis.

Essential Oils

Aroma Sense cartridges enriched with healing essential oils are available for the Jet Wall Mounted Shower Head providing you with a healing aromatherapy experience excellent for soothing arthritis pain, treating insomnia, boosting the immune system and promoting a renewing experience after a long stressful day at work.

The Jet Wall Mounted Shower Head easily fits on any standard shower arm for easy installation. Why settle for a second-rate shower head when you can enjoy a water efficient innovative design that provides you with 421,000 negative ions of mental clarity, spa-like pressurized water streams, Vitamin C and aromatherapy?

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