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How Luxury Shower Heads Are Cost Effective & Enhance Hygiene

A luxury aromatherapy filtered shower head not only provides you with the calm tranquilizing experience of essential oils and an altogether cleaner safer shower experience but can actually enhance your personal routine hygiene products as well. By using a shower head with a Vitamin C shower filter you can effectively, and naturally, remove all of the chlorine from your shower water along with countless other harmful chemicals and impurities that could potentially be hiding in your water.

If your shampoo or conditioner doesn’t seem to be doing the job it claims it will do, the quality of the product could, of course, possibly be to blame. However, what many people fail to realize is it could also be their own shower water. Tap water is loaded with Chlorine and Chlorine has been proven to deactivate many common shampoo and conditioner ingredients which could interfere with the product’s effectiveness. Chlorine is also highly damaging to your hair and is often the silent culprit of dry brittle lifeless hair, which defeats the purpose of spending valuable time and money choosing the perfect shampoo and conditioner for your unique hair type. By eradicating Chlorine from your tap water, you’ll be maximizing the effectiveness of your shampoo and conditioner and will get noticeably better results.

Chlorine is also highly damaging to skin. Chlorine damages the important layer of skin that locks in your skin’s essential moisture which will often leave your skin feeling dry, itchy and rather uncomfortable upon stepping out of the shower and drying off, which can be particularly burdensome to those already suffering from dry sensitive skin. Vitamin C, however, not only neutralizes the Chlorine in your shower water but is also an excellent antioxidant for helping your skin restore and retain moisture. This natural benefit from Vitamin C helps cut down on the amount of lotion you need to repair and relieve your skin which decreases your usual lotion or moisturizing cream expenses. Since Chlorine also fades, and sometimes even changes the color of, color-treated hair, a Vitamin C filter will help you to get the best results out of your hair dye. By neutralizing the Chlorine in your shower water, your dyed hair color will stay vivid, last relatively longer and you’ll save money by not having to dye it as often.

By investing in a high quality aromatherapy filtered shower head you’ll be rewarding yourself with remarkable results you can actually feel and indulge in. Vitamin C filtered & aromatherapy shower heads help you get the most our of your shower products. It’s the perfect way to improve your health naturally and save some money while enhancing your hygiene products and improving your overall shower experience.

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