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Hard Water Vs. Soft Water

Issues concerning hard water vs soft water? Waking up every morning, taking a shower or rinsing your face with water and finding with every passing day your skin is getting dry, rough and prone to even eczema and your scalp is growing all flaky, looks dull and hairs break more often than before, well these are all the symptoms produced in result of using hard water.

Now we think hard water? Are there any types of even the water that we use? Well Yes, there are! Chemically there are two types of water, Hard water and Soft water and they both have pros and cons depending upon the mode of usage. What comes out of our shower or tap every morning is clear plain water. How we can differ that whether it is hard or soft? For this there are certain apparent properties of both the kinds.

The most common technique to determine the hardness of water is by looking at suds formation with soap. There is less lather formation when soap is used with hard water compared to soft water. Instead a white precipitate (soap scum) is produced. Another way in which water manifests its hardness is scaling i.e. forming deposits through calcification that clog plumbing. These scales are usually white because calcium and magnesium are the most common sources of hardness in water. In swimming pools, a cloudy or milky appearance characterizes hard water.

Though hard water contains a significant quantity of dissolved calcium and magnesium, in general, it is not harmful for health. However, there are some applications where hard water may lead to inefficiencies or damage to containers, pipes and even your home plumbing system. Presence of these mineral ions causes hardness of water. Whereupon rain water and distilled water are called the soft water or in lay man’s “pure, clean water”

More often soft water is suggested for usage, be it shower, cleaning or drinking. Why soft water? Hard water is slightly bitter in taste, while soft water has many advantageous properties like no clogging of the bathroom accessories, no adverse effects on the hairs and scalp and healthy for drinking (zero minerals) with a very mild salty taste.

Hard water is usually common around us, so it is “made soft” by techniques called liming for temporary hardness of water or ion exchange method for permanent hardness.

Keeping in view this despicable nature of daily use water, we at Aroma Sense USA has decided to take care of you, your hair and skin by proving you products that can filter out even more minerals in your shower water. Our Aroma Sense shower heads contain a 3-step filtration technology that does the following: (1) remove bacterial from water through our ceramic beads, (2) collect & trap dust & containments through our micro fabric filter and (3) neutralize chlorine with our vitamin c shower filter cartridge. Enjoy your vitamin c & aromatherapy shower now so you can worry free about the quality of water you shower with every day!

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