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Benefits of Showering at Night

To most, we never really think when the appropriate time to shower is. Some of us as soon as we wake up it's to the showers, while others wait at night when the day is over to shower off that gunk. No matter the reason there could be some benefits to showering at night. 


So, if you’re a morning shower type person then listen up and see what’s the 5 reasons why you should shower at night. 


1. Reduce Chance of Getting Acne

If you shower in the morning and you go about your day, when you get back and go to bed you might be causing your skin to get acne.


This is due to our skin collecting different types of particles, dirt, sweat, and oil during the day that if left on the skin can get into our pours and start to irritate the skin and cause acne. 

Therefore, if you shower at night not only are you cleaning out your pores from the day it’s actually causing your body to be in a more relaxed state. 

Using the citrus mango Aroma Sense oil will help combat acne on your skin.


2. Helps with Relaxation

When we shower, we tend to be engulfed by the warmth of the water as the steam surrounds us, and if we shower at night then this can ease tension and anxiety. 

It may seem counterintuitive if we shower at night then we think we become more refreshed and can’t sleep. However, this is not the case.

study from the University of Texas recently concluded that warming your body can help bring on a nice sleep if there is time for the body to cool down. 

In fact, taking a 10 to 15-minute bath or shower while the temperature is between 104 to 108.5 degrees Fahrenheit about one to two hours before you go to bed will improve sleep quality, efficiency, and onset latency. 


3. Your Hair Will Thank You


Washing your hair in the morning may become a hassle especially if you’re in a rush. You’ll be running out the door with wet hair and it can make you sick.

However, if you wash your hair at night, you can let it air dry while you sleep so when you wake up you won’t be in a hurry to do your hair. 

With taking showers in the morning and if you use a filtered shower head from Aroma Sense then it will help lock in the moisture from your hair and keep you from getting sick. 

If you’re hesitant then try it out for a week and see how your hair comes out softer, and healthier.


4. Improve Your Morning Routine


Transitioning to showing at night will help you even for the next day.

By showing at night you will free up some time in the morning that you can use for something else. Whether it’s going off to meditate, watch the sunrise, writing, working out, or even sleeping more. 

You can use the time you have for anything you want and if you feel like you need to be refreshed in the morning then a simple cup of coffee and washing your face will do the trick. 


5. It Will Get the Germs Off Your Bed


Laying down on your bed without washing your face or showering can transfer the germs and dirt you have on your skin to the pillow or bed. 

If this happens then even if you clean yourself the germs and dirt may still remain on the bed. 

Your head especially contains a lot of bacteria and if you don’t shower your hair, it will contaminate the pillow and may give your face acne. 

Whether you want that extra 20 minutes of sleep that everyone wants before they go to work or even healthier skin, showering at night will help you improve your health and skin. What’s more, if you're looking to improve your health even further then you can click the link and purchase a custom aromatherapy shower. 



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