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6 Benefits of Handheld Shower Heads

Both mounted shower heads and handheld shower heads hold their own benefits but if you’ve had a traditional mounted shower head for years and are wanting to venture out and see what modernized handheld shower heads have to offer, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. The versatility of a handheld shower head allows for many added uses and conveniences. Before making your next shower head purchase, check out these 6 benefits of handheld shower heads:


Say goodbye to the temptation of dry shaving when you’re in a hurry. Simply turn on your shower water and use the handheld shower head to lather soap and rinse as you shave. If you have children and they only need their feet rinsed off from playing outside at some point, simply grab the handheld shower head and rinse away. Handheld shower heads are great for simple rinsing without getting drenched.

Cleaning your Shower

Handheld shower heads allow you to clean your shower walls with ease. Have you ever found yourself struggling to rinse off soap suds from your shower walls and doors after scrubbing them clean? The streams from a mounted shower head only rinse the shower walls half way but a handheld shower head gives you the ability to rinse every inch of your shower back off with ease after a good cleaning.

Assisted Showering

A shower head can truly make a home much more comfortable and convenient for everyone of all ages from children to elderly. Helping disabled elderly shower or giving those that aren’t disabled the ability to shower easily by themselves is a great benefit of a handheld shower head if you have any elderly family members living in your home. Handheld shower heads help elders feel more self-reliant and allow them to gain some of their independence back. These flexible shower heads even allow people who are disabled to shower while wheel seated. These shower heads aren’t only great for added convenience for children and elderly but they’re also wonderful for bathing your dog. Handheld shower heads make rinsing shampoo from your dogs fur a breeze and creates a much more pleasant experience for both you and your dog.

Less Strenuous

When showering, in order to rinse off lathered soap you have to maneuver around so the water streams hit your body where needed. However, when you’re sore or tense, dealing with arthritis pain, coping with an injury or have another physical limitation, this can make showering an uncomfortable strenuous task. Instead of moving your body around for the streams to reach different areas of your body, you can simply pull down a handheld shower hose and bring the water streams to you.

Helps Reach Hard to Reach Places

You no longer have to struggle with trying to rinse shampoo or thick conditioner back out of your hair. Hand held shower heads are perfect for rinsing your hair quickly and efficiently. With a handheld shower head, you don’t have to worry about missing soap suds and you don’t have to turn your head at a 90 degree angle to rinse difficult places like behind your ears because you can simply bring the handheld shower head close to your head and guide it wherever you want it to go for a smooth rinse. This way, you won’t have to worry about running soapy water over your face and into your eyes while you’re trying to rinse your hairline.


If you decide you’d rather stick to a traditional mounted shower head, simply mount your handheld shower head back to your wall. A handheld shower head can be used as either a detachable shower head or a mounted shower head. You can use the handheld shower head for its extended reach when needed for certain tasks when showering then simply re-attach it to be able to use both hands when needed. On days you would rather use a mounted shower head hands-free, you still have that option but can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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