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Necessary Winter Bathroom Decor

If you really want to embrace winter, you need to bring it into your home – or at least, bring its aesthetic in. By changing the décor in your bathroom to match the season, you can create a winter wonderland and make it feel super cozy at the same time. You don’t need to do a massive renovation, either. Adding a few new touches will be enough to evoke the feeling of the season.

Winter Colors

There may not be any solidly defined “winter colors,” but you know what hues evoke a wintry feel: white, pale blue, navy, bright red, and pine green are all good choices. Whether you’re thinking about new paint, fresh towels, or additional décor, you can’t go wrong with any of these colors.

Snow-Themed Designs

Another broad rule of thumb for winter bathroom décor? Anything that’s snow-related. As a few examples, you might look for snowflakes, snowmen, snow-capped mountains, icicles, skis, or ice skates. Adding wall art, photos, or crafts featuring one of these designs will easily transition your bathroom into winter. 

Cozy Elements

Bathroom décor for winter should bring elements of the season indoors, but it should also create the sense of coziness that feels so comforting this time of year. Your bathroom probably doesn’t have a fireplace (though if it does, you’re all set!), but you can use a small lamp to create nice soft lighting. This is also a good excuse to pick up some extra-plush towels and bath rugs, and anything else that makes you feel cozy.

Decorative Hand Towels

You need to have hand towels in the bathroom anyway, so why not use them to winterize your décor? You can probably find embroidered towels featuring snowflakes or another winter-related design.

Pinecone Arrangement

Pinecones add a nice rustic touch to a winter-themed bathroom. Pick up a decorative arrangement of pinecones from the store, or choose a bowl or basket in a wintry color and create your own.

Ornament Arrangement

Another centerpiece-style item that works great on the bathroom counter is an arrangement of Christmas tree ornaments. Just fill a clear glass jar or vase with simple ornaments – this is also a great way to upcycle some items you might already have at home.


You might have some potpourri (or something like functions like it) in the bathroom already, but this is an easy place to add a wintry touch. Look for wintry or holiday-themed scents like clove, cinnamon, pine, or ginger, and keep it in a tin or basket with a winter design.

Twinkle Lights

Hanging a strand of twinkle lights on one wall or around the mirror will immediately add more atmosphere to the bathroom. If you choose white lights instead of colored ones, they won’t clash with your other décor, and they’ll work even after the holidays are over.

Of course, if you’re someone who just counts down the days until the snow melts, maybe your ideal winter bathroom is an escapist one with a beach theme instead. In that case, switch out everything snow-related for a sandy equivalent!

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