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Luxury Items for your Bathroom

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Whether you're shopping with a big or small budget, you can be sure to find products that can immediately enhance your bathroom

1. 3 Chamber Shampoo & Soap Dispenser

Buy for $29.99 here

2. Touchscreen Lighted Makeup Mirror

Buy for $34.99 here

3. Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Buy for $24.98 here

4. Waterproof Wireless Speakers

Buy for $16.99 here

5. Draining Soap Tray

Buy for $8.00 here

6. Towel Warmer

Buy for $99.00 here

7. Grip Bath Pillow

Buy for $21.99 here

8. Plush Bath Robe

Buy it for $59.99 here

9. Hands-free Soap Dispenser

Buy it for $39.99 here

10. Bamboo Shower Mat

Buy it for $39.99 here

11. Aroma Sense Aromatherapy Luxury Shower head

Buy it on our website here!

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