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How to Use Essential Oils in Your Bathroom

If you’re at all familiar with essential oils, you know that they have dozens of different uses and can be used for everything from cleaning the house to promoting sleep. You can use essential oils in every room in your house, and the bathroom is no exception. They make a gentle alternative to the harsh chemicals that are found in many cleaning products and toiletries. Here are just a few ways to start using essential oils in your bathroom.

Cleaning Spray

Cleaning products are the source of some of the harshest chemicals in your home, so replacing them with a homemade spray is a great way to make your household greener and less toxic. There are many recipes for essential oil-based DIY cleaning sprays online, but lemon, lime, orange, and tea tree oils are some of the most effective for cleaning.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Most toilet bowl cleaners contain ingredients like hydrochloric acid and chlorine bleach, which are great at getting a toilet clean but are harsher than your probably want in your home. For a natural cleaning product that will still be effective, combine white vinegar and baking soda with lemon essential oil. It’ll also smell much nicer than the chemical-laden stuff!

Hand Soap

Many hand soaps also contain a lot of chemicals, but you can easily make your own natural version by combining castile soap with water and adding essential oils. Use your favorite essential oil blend for a unique soap you’ll love the smell of.


Perfume might seem like a difficult product to DIY, but it’s actually surprisingly simple. Choose the essential oil or blend of oils you want as your fragrance, and mix it with jojoba oil. For maximum convenience, use a roll-on bottle of jojoba oil, which will make it super easy to apply.

Relaxing Bath

Of course, essential oils are just as great for relaxation as they are for practical uses. Adding essential oils to a hot bath is one of the easiest ways to make an average bath feel a little more indulgent. Many people like to have lavender in the bath, but you can use whatever scents you like best. Just don’t add the essential oils directly into the bathwater, which can cause irritation since the water won’t dilute the oil; instead, add a few drops of essential oils to some castile soap or jojoba oil, and then add the mixture to your tub.

Toilet Paper Air Freshener

You might not think that your toilet paper roll could be transformed into an air freshener, but you can use essential oils to do exactly that. Just add a drop of your favorite oil to the inside of the roll, and the scent will release into the bathroom every time you use it.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Of course, the more traditional way to use essential oil is with a diffuser. There are plenty of different kinds of diffusers out there, so you can choose one that matches your bathroom. Put your favorite essential oil in the diffuser, and set it on the counter in your bathroom to keep it smelling fresh.

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