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Health Hazards of Heavy Metals Prevalent in Your Tap Water

Part of being healthy is to maintain good hygiene and cleanliness, so to be healthy is to take your daily showers- right? Well, that’s how it should be. However, if you stop and think about what’s actually in the water you’re bathing in, you may be drawn back and want to rethink exactly how healthy your daily shower truly is.

We take showers to wash away dirt and impurities, often without realizing we’re actually bathing in just that. Tap water contains numerous chemicals, impurities and something even more alarming- heavy metals. This is something everyone needs to be aware of because- who wants to bathe in microscopic pieces of metal? You may be asking yourself exactly what these metals are and how they affect your health right now. Don’t we deserve to know what we’re really bathing in? Well, we certainly think so. So we’ve gathered together a list of some of the harmful unexposed heavy metals prevalent in your shower water and their very serious health effects you should to be aware of.


Do you remember being warned of the dangers of mercury spills from broken thermometers or florescent light bulbs? It’s always been made clear to be cautious and try to steer clear of these potentially hazardous incidents. So, why’s this harmful heavy metal in our shower water and how does this happen? Mercury is released from medical and commercial products, as well as agricultural processes, and can enter into our main water systems. Mercury can cause autoimmunity and kidney damage.


Lead has been well known for its numerous health risks for a long time. Some household plumbing and pipelines, especially those of older houses, contain lead. Water contaminated with lead is extremely dangerous to consume or bathe in. Lead brings with it many health hazards such as autoimmunity. This condition can lead to numerous diseases of the nervous system, circulatory system, kidneys and joints.


Although the EPA has set a standard for how much Arsenic can be allowed in the water systems due to its serious health risks, this heavy metal is still prevalent in our everyday water and is anything but good for your health. Arsenic in large amounts can cause chronic illnesses of the liver, kidney, skin, lungs and even bladder cancer.


Cadmium, like Mercury, Lead and Arsenic, are the heavy metals most known for human poisoning. Exposure to Cadmium in certain amounts will cause a toxic effect on the human body.

Young children and pregnant women are especially sensitive to heavy metals and more susceptible to their unnerving side effects. Infants, children and pregnant women can have even worse detrimental effects to these heavy metals. Kids exposed to these heavy metals could potentially have behavioral problems with aggression and hyperactivity, learning difficulties, difficulty remembering and could have damage to their nervous system.

What can you do to clean your hazardous heavy-metal infested shower water and rest ensure when you take your daily shower, you’re actually enhancing your health and not diminishing it? Simple. With today’s advanced technology, there are several water filtration solutions available. There are amazing filtered shower heads that simply screw on to your shower and effectively clean your water of these harmful heavy metals and other impurities before reaching your skin. Aroma Sense USA’s shower head filters, in particular, will even provide you with replenishing Vitamin C and essential oils to reverse the damaging effects of chemicals in your tap water, replace your skin’s moisture and provide you with a spa like experience. The difference in your skin, hair and overall health is amazing with this one simple change.

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