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Going Green in the Bathroom: 5 Eco-Friendly Essentials Every Nature-Lover Needs in Their Bathroom

Nature is caring to us with its majestic beauty and its astounding nurturing and healing capabilities. Why not improve our health naturally by enjoying the pleasures of nature’s gifts while preserving it all at the same time? Nature graciously provides us with everything we not only need to survive, but thrive. When making the decision to help preserve nature by going green, the bathroom is the perfect place to start. Here are some ways devoted nature-lovers can transform their bathroom into a cutting-edge eco-friendly holistic haven for the mind, body, and soul on a budget and improve their health naturally while caring for their environment.

Motion Sensor Faucets

Admit it, you leave the faucet running while you brush your teeth every morning. Who has time to turn the faucet on and off when holding their toothbrush in their dominant hand? Motion sensor faucets can save up to 50% of your faucet water usage. Motion Sensor Faucets also help to keep your sink cleaner with less water usage and less grime build-up. This touch-free fixture also helps decrease the spread of germs since no one has to touch the faucet handle between bathroom uses. Don’t want to replace your entire faucet or can’t afford to right now? No biggie. You can save up to 40% of faucet water usage simply by replacing your old faucet aerators with newer water efficient ones.

Homemade Deodorant

Not only is homemade deodorant more natural and better for the environment, but it’s also way better for you. Nearly all traditional deodorant bought in stores contains toxic ingredients such as aluminum, propylene glycol, and parabens. Essential oils can be added to homemade deodorant for a pleasant scent and even more added health benefits. You can have fun creating your own chic environmentally friendly labels, all while feeling good about what you’re applying to your skin and how you’re positively impacting the environment. Plus, how cool is it that you make your own deodorant? You artsy trendsetter, you! You can also purchase green toilet paper and make your own homemade soap, shampoos, conditioners, and toothpaste!

Aromatherapy Shower Head

An Aroma Sense aromatherapy shower head is a cutting-edge essential oil and Vitamin C infused shower head that will reduce your water usage in the shower by 25% with its eco-friendly plate design. The triangular shaped holes in this shower head’s spray plate produce mesmerizing pressurized streams while emitting freshly purified water, essential oils, vitamin C, and enough negative ions to equal that of a waterfall. Thus, giving you an incomparable spa-like rejuvenating experience with endless health benefits such as stress relief and skin and hair health. With an aromatherapy shower head, you can help the environment (and your water bill) by doing your part to conserve water and you’ll also get to enjoy the pleasant fragrance and healing properties of inhaling pure essential oils as well. The Aroma Sense shower head filter also improves your air quality by eliminating the toxins in your shower water, leaving you feeling cleaner and more refreshed than ever before when you step out of the shower!

Switch to LED Lights

Conserve energy and save on your electric bill by replacing your light bulbs with LED lights. Switching to LED light bulbs is one of the simplest ways to make your bathroom more environmentally friendly. LED lights last much longer and consume a whopping 80% less energy than outdated traditional lights. These inimitable lights also emit a cozy dim amber colored light that’s perfect for a relaxing setting and calm mood in the bathroom.

Install a Low-Flow Toilet

Did you know toilets are the source of more than 25% of the water usage in your home? Replacing your old toilet with a modern low-flow toilet is one of the best ways you can conserve water. If you’re not ready to invest in a new toilet just yet, you can also conserve water by installing a Dual-Flush Conversion Kit or a Toilet Water Fill Cycle Diverter.

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