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Fall bathroom decor you need right now

As the sweaters come out and the Pumpkin Spice Lattes return, it’s only natural to want to bring feelings of fall into your bathroom as well. While nobody wants to do full-on seasonal renovations four times a year, there are plenty of small ways to celebrate fall in your bathroom, and you can easily switch them up when the seasons change.

Wall Art

Hanging a piece of wall art in your bathroom is one of the easiest ways to decorate for the new season. Look for a fall-inspired street scene featuring colorful leaves or an abstract piece of rich reds, golds, and oranges.

Scented Candles

Adding some scented candles to your bathroom is another easy and affordable change to make in the fall. Scents like pumpkin, apple, and ginger are perfect for this time of year, and they’ll have your bathroom smelling like the season in no time. Choose a candle in a fall color, and you’ll get a visual effect at the same time.

Leaf or Wheat Arrangement

An arrangement of colorful dried leaves is probably the quintessential fall decoration, and it works perfectly in the bathroom, on either the counter or a shelf. If you don’t want your fall décor to be quite so on-the-nose, a wheat arrangement will evoke the season more subtly and still bring nature into your home.

Amber Bottles

Amber bottles make a beautiful bathroom accessory any time of year, but the warmth they exude is especially appropriate in the fall. Instead of leaving your soaps, lotions, and other products in the bottles they came in, invest in a set of glass amber bottles. Pour your various potions into these bottles instead, and give your bathroom a much sleeker look.

Embroidered Towels

Switching out your hand towels is another quick change and an easy way to get an extra pop of fall in your bathroom. If you look around, you’ll probably be able to choose from different fall-inspired designs featuring elements like leaves or pumpkins. For something that will fit better year-round, go for plain towels in bright fall colors like orange or cranberry.

Bright Paint

As the days are starting to get shorter, many people begin to experience seasonal depression or just minor feelings of gloom. But exposure to bright colors can provide a quick mental boost, and the bathroom is a good place for it. You spend time in there anyway, why not make it more beneficial to your mental health? If you’re up for a slightly bigger task, consider repainting one of your bathroom walls in cheery but fall-themed color, like yellow or orange.


From picking your own apples to sipping apple cider, apples are probably the official fruit of fall. And that means anything that’s apple-themed or apple-scented will go great in your bathroom this time of year.


If apple is the official fall fruit, then pumpkin is certainly the vegetable of the season. Pumpkin décor and scents will also give your bathroom some fall flair (but we don’t take responsibility if they leave you hungry).

When it comes to fall décor for the bathroom, the options are endless, so just mix and match the things you like most.

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